How BIM is becoming truly valuable for a digitising construction industry, and how a third-party information manager can help.

For contractors, owner-operators & the industry as a whole

Insights you will gain

  • How Majenta worked as BIM Information Managers to support Willmott Dixon’s delivery of prestigious buildings to university clients with fully compliant asset information models at handover.
  • How to manage evolving client asset requirements on a BIM project.
  • Learning from past BIM projects, taking ‘black box learnings’ from one BIM project into the next.
  • The benefits of a 3rd Party BIM Information Manager.
  • How the 2016 BIM mandate has impacted construction.
  • Expert predictions for the next five years of BIM.
  • Commentary on BIM in construction from Majenta’s experts and Gary Scott of Willmott Dixon.


Industry Insight Paper

With the construction industry moving forwards after the initial COVID lockdowns, we sat down with Gary Scott (Head of Digital Construction at Willmott Dixon London and South) to pinpoint the new and future ways in which BIM will add value for contractors, owner-operators and the industry as a whole. What follows here is the highlights of that discussion.

Majenta Solutions have had the pleasure of working as BIM Information Manager to help Willmott Dixon deliver state-of-the-art buildings to prestigious universities. With recurring staff members reuniting on successive projects across Contractor, Client and Information Manager, all teams involved have been rewarded for their efforts with new BIM learnings. Majenta’s Information Managers saw first-hand – and contributed to – major changes to the way that BIM is used and valued in construction. These range from changing client requirements, to better savings in the building maintenance phase, to recognition of the range of knowledge and experience that third party Information Managers such as Majenta can bring to the table.

The Highlights

Essential Project Details

  • Majenta worked as BIM Information Managers to support Willmott Dixon’s delivery of prestigious buildings to university clients with fully compliant asset information models at handover

How Majenta’s approach is different

  • Majenta builds long-term relationships where two-way honesty and learning drives results

Majenta provides honest qualification of BIM requirements

  • Majenta’s honest feedback on standard documents meant that only data that was truly useful was requested

Why work with Majenta as third party information managers?

  • Majenta bring perspective and experience gained by working as respected Information Managers on projects across the industry

How BIM Projects are changing

  • Better customer understanding of BIM is enabling greater efficiency gained from its application
  • Construction is becoming better prepared to include all parts of a building within the model for a more useful model at handover
  • ‘True lifecycle management’ including a digitised operational phase will allow savings to be passed to customers

Has BIM gained genuine value since the 2016 Mandate?

  • BIM for BIM’s sake is receding into the past, with the ‘Intelligent Client’ now gaining both CapEx and OpEx efficiency and avoiding costs of pitfalls such as unnecessary resurveys

The Projects - Essential Details

University of Kent School of Economics – Kennedy Building

Value: £18,800,000.00 | Completed: March 2019 | Client: University of Kent

The Kennedy Building is the new three-story home of the University of Kent’s School of Economics, providing a strong visual identity for the School and boasting an array of PV solar panels. Main Contractor Willmott Dixon brought Majenta Solutions onboard to act as BIM
Information Managers for this campus centrepiece.

Customer Challenge:

For the creation of a new state-of-the-art economics building, it was essential that all necessary information could be provided to the facilities management (FM) team for effective building maintenance.

The Majenta Solution:

Majenta worked alongside Willmott Dixon and their consultants to ensure the client deliverables were obtained and provided to the standards the university required. Majenta worked with the university to ensure they fully captured requirements for the FM teams to effectively maintain the building.

Business Impacts:

The university received a fully compliant model containing all required information for the FM team. The model had an integrated digital O&M
manual which could easily be updated using access databases.

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The Kennedy building was just the start. Unlock the full paper to learn how our BIM Information Management service supported two more university build projects for Willmott Dixon :

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