Driving high performance with MX.

Majenta MX a provides reliable and scalable data exchange portal for a growing business.

Business Challenges

  • Ensure safe and speedy exchange of data with customers and suppliers
  • Operate to the highest industry standards of confidentiality and quality

Turning ideas into a reality, M-TEC has over twenty years of experience providing resourcing solutions to the automotive and engineering sectors from its Birmingham office. The company expanded in 2010 with the formation of M-TEC Group, a stand-alone engineering and design centre based in Coventry.

Now with a team of 50 programme managers, lead engineers, design engineers and engineering support staff who focus solely on the successful delivery of projects by taking product ideas from concept through to realisation. M-TEC develops interior and exterior products for a portfolio of high profile OEMs and a number of Tier 1 suppliers and has also diversified into the rail and medical sectors.

Utilising 3D CAD software such as CATIA® and NX®, M-TEC Group has built a reputation for successfully developing concepts and engineering products from surface data. In addition the company has the capability to create prototypes rapidly in a workshop equipped with 3D printer facilities on its Coventry site.

As Stephen Hanson, Engineering and Programme Director, explains, “From client surfaces we develop robust manufacturable products. In most cases we will manage a full programme on behalf of our clients, although we are flexible enough to provide CAD services or engineering support as and when the needs of the client dictate. Everything we do involves CAD models and as such the safe and speedy transfer of valuable data is a key business requirement.”

The Majenta Solution

  • Provision of secure, customised web portal and ftp (file transfer protocol) site to enable data transfer services; supplied and supported by Majenta Solutions

M-TEC has a direct connection into the virtual private networks (VPN) of some larger customers. These links were set up when the company first won such contracts. In other cases, it had to rely in its early days on email or ftp (file transfer protocol) sites.

According to Hanson, it was not long before the company realised that there was a better approach. “For a particularly intensive global project, one of our customers set us up to access its own dedicated data transfer system. This was a company branded version of Majenta MX, a web-based solution that is ultra-secure, handles heavy files of any format and is extremely simple to use. We immediately recognised that it was also the right solution for our own engineers, customers and suppliers. As a proven technology that we were already using, it was a perfect fit.”

Partnering with Majenta Solutions, M-TEC Group was given customised access to the Majenta Exchange Data Portal. This allows M-TEC’s staff to securely send and receive data to and from remote office locations and supplier companies.

“With secure 256bit encryption, fast data transmission and the added advantage of no third party software to install and manage, the Majenta solution is exactly what we need,” says Hanson. “With an internet connection we can use it anywhere in the world.”

Business Impact

  • Seamless integration with quality procedures
  • Fixed quarterly cost of service supports financial planning and growth
  • Tracking of all data movement in the company provides and audit trail

Majenta MX has become an intrinsic continuation of M-TEC Group’s quality procedures.

Stephen Hanson explains, “Our CAD designers confer with lead engineers who critique models and confirm data. All members of our team take responsibility for delivering to our customers so CAD designers and lead engineers alike can raise a data transfer request. We then have a primary designated user who acts as a gatekeeper with an overview of data flowing in and out of the company.”

Majenta Exchange is not only a streamlined and highly efficient platform with global availability, it delivers high performance data movement tracking and so M-TEC Group’s IT Manager always has reliable, up to date details of the files being sent or received.

“There can be a vast amount of information flowing in and out of the business at any one time,” continues Hanson. “Although we do have direct VPN links with a number of our larger OEM clients, we continue to have a high requirement to utilise Majenta MX and on average we send and receive between 20 and 40 files a day. This is a clear indication of how key Majenta MX is to our business.”

Keys to success

  • Ease of use and administration
  • Total reliability
  • Widely recognised in the Automotive industry

According to Stephen Hanson the particular advantages for M-TEC Group are the pricing model and the scalability of Majenta MX. “Paying on a quarterly basis we know the cost exactly; and as we grow we can add users at any time. All that our IT manager needs is the name and email address of a new user and Majenta does the rest. The system is very easy to administer as well as very easy to use. Majenta MX is a cost-effective and truly scalable solution; it is part of our growth strategy.”

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