BIMobject training and content QA


Project Value

Majenta successfully collaborates with Meesons, providing BIMobject training and content QA

Customer Challenge:

Meesons saw BIM as an increasing requirement among their client base, particularly architects, who required more detailed product information to inform purchasing decisions. Meesons needed a smoother way to provide this information in advance of those decisions to ensure the specification of their products. They concluded that – of the UK’s BIM content distribution solutions –BIMobject would provide the best product exposure and download analytics.

Majenta Solution:

Majenta Solutions supported Meesons with BIM content QA and feedback, helping to prepare BIM files with the precise detail expected by a BIM-literate customer base. As BIMobject’s exclusive UK partner, Majenta provided platform training to help Meesons make the most of the platform’s high virtual-footfall and detailed analytics on downloaders. Majenta also supported with SEO, which can be carried out for every file uploaded to make products more discoverable.

Business Impact:

Meesons can now engage with specifiers at an earlier stage since customers can plan with BIM object representing their products from the outset – and products involved in the planning are more likely to be purchased. Analytical data on the visitors downloading their products allows Meesons to follow up with existing and potential customers, progressing existing relationships and even gaining access to entirely new customers and projects which would have been inaccessible without BIMobject.

“The Majenta team provided guidance from the outset to ensure our files met the required level of detail. Once we had the files ready to go they provided further assistance with the product set-up on the platform. Overall, it was a very smooth process.”

Iain Entwistle

Product Marketing Manager at Meesons.

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