Automotive manufacturer – Meeting Nissan data requirements with WebEx support


Meeting a customer’s CAD requirements when submitting data is essential to project timelines, but can be challenging because familiarity with that customer’s CAD environment / requirements can fade between data submissions. As an approved Data Services provider, Majenta can either submit the data for you, or as Majenta did for a leading automotive supplier, can allocate an expert to guide you through the process via a screen share.

Customer Challenge

The manufacturer required support in importing their native CAD Data into their Nissan NSTK Teamcenter installation, and with uploading to Nissan TCP2. The manufacturer was new to Nissan processes and to the capabilities of Nissan NX/Teamcenter. Having recently entered a valuable working relationship with the OEM, it was important for the manufacturer to fully grasp strict requirements and to submit correct CAD data that would be accepted on the first attempt.

The Majenta Solution

This service is now available in line with TCP3.

Majenta provided a Telephone/WebEx support service to guide to the manufacturer through to the upload and completion of the release. The WebEx platform enables a Majenta expert to oversee whichever part of the process the customer requires support with, and offer guidance as necessary. For the manufacturer, who were able to successfully upload CAD into Nissan TCP2, this service was a gladly provided refresher following on from a Majenta-run training session.

Business Impact

The manufacturer are more conversant with the process of importing CAD Data into NX/Teamcenter, and releasing CAD Data to Nissan via TCP2. They are now more capable of meeting requirements and building a strong relationship with Nissan. As part of the Telephone/WebEx support services that Majenta provide, they are assured of continuous support when required to overcome issues that would impact timely data delivery to Nissan.

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