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Cruising ahead with Autodesk and Majenta Solutions

Improve design fluidity with Autodesk Inventor and Vault enhanced by Majenta Solutions support.Treating the wastewater on a cruise ship so that it meets the high standards required before it can be discharged in the seas of Alaska; this is the sort of problem addressed by engineers at Wärtsilä (Hamworthy) Water Systems Limited in Poole.


Business Challenges

  • To maintain a reliable and efficient design environment.

The company is part of Wärtsilä Corporation, which specializes in lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets, enabling its customers to maximize the environmental and economic performance of vessels and power plants. Founded in 1834 in Finland, the company now has a global presence, employing 18,000 people in 70 countries. The Poole site, which incorporates a manufacturing facility, has three separate engineering teams. One designs commodity wastewater products for use on commercial vessels as well as complex, bespoke products such as membrane bioreactors that recycle water onboard. Another designs air and gas compressors such as those used to supply air onboard seismic research vessels, and rig tensioning compressors for offshore platforms. The third designs ballast water products, a relatively new area stemming from environmental regulations set by the International Maritime Organisation.

James Clarkson, Design Manager for Ballast Products, explains.

“When a ship
unloads its cargo at one port it may take onboard thousands of tons of water to act as ballast. It is important that when this water is discharged at the next destination port it meets all the required international standards of cleanliness.”

The Majenta Solution

  • Provision of the Autodesk Software; supplied and supported by Majenta solutions; Autodesk Gold Partner.

“We need stable programmes that are reliable and find that Inventor and Vault particularly suit our needs,”

says James,

“Even though we have been using CAD for years we do not always have the answers in house. CAD is much more complicated than it used to be. Given the depth and breadth of the products we use, we may need a quick call to Majenta Solutions to remind us, for example, where a function can be found. This allows us to focus on our main job.”

Business Impact

  • Reliable CAD tools and safe data storage underpin business continuity
  • Specialist support from Majenta Solutions enables engineers to focus on their own productivity
  • Bespoke, practical training means that users learn as they work on real projects

“We need to be efficient; we cannot afford to lose any time and because we have legacy data even a simple upgrade can have implications for our whole system. We rely on Majenta Solutions because its team members have specialist expertise, for example they can convert design data from one CAD package to another. Our longstanding relationship means that we have no concern about giving the helpdesk a call, no matter how simple or complicated the problem is and we always get a prompt response. Majenta Solutions has a team of people with similar skills so support is both consistent and reliable. In addition our account manager visits three or four times per year and is always open to communication.””  shares James.

He notes that when design engineers are particularly busy the company
sometimes gets behind with upgrades.

“That’s when training is particularly
helpful, especially if any of the interfaces have changed. Instead of standard training Majenta Solutions will design and deliver bespoke training for us. They have supported us for so long that they know what we do and they can show us exactly how to be more efficient, for example in creating parts. So training is always extremely practical. This is the particular value that Majenta Solutions delivers.”

Keys to success

  • In-depth technical support from Majenta Solutions
  • Majenta Solutions has knowledge and understanding about Wärtsilä’s business
  • Specialist expertise available for one-off projects

“As I am looking after 150 users, specialist CAD support takes some of the pressure off, allowing me to focus on overall IT strategy.” – Jason Diggle, Application Support Analyst. 

The IT department can only go so far because we do not have in-depth expertise in CAD. Majenta Solutions provides security. If the guys at Majenta Solutions do not have an answer, they will know someone who does, for example within Autodesk. If we did not have such back-up it would be a major problem for the business

James Clarkson

Design Manager for Ballast Products

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