Our Digital Manufacturing Leadership Consultancy will help you transform your business

You may already be an advocate of Digital Manufacturing and understand the potential benefits it can bring to your business. We can help you bridge the gap between being an advocate and becoming a leader to help you drive the digital manufacturing agenda within your business.

It’s important that your business has several digital manufacturing leaders. This helps drive positive change within your organisation, enabling benefits to be realised quicker and adopted more easily.

We’ve been upskilling senior managers in digital manufacturing techniques and methodologies, together with how they can overcome internal adoption and deployment challenges.

Do you feel that your business needs an innovation injection?

It’s an exciting time, especially in the world of manufacturing. The early adopters of Digital Manufacturing are already more innovative, enjoy seamless collaboration and are realising the efficiency and costs benefits associated with being data centric.

As the UK starts shaping the Forth Industrial revolution, it’s vital that senior managers within industry take the lead within their organisation to promote the adoption, deployment and management of Digital Manufacturing techniques and methodologies.

Learn how you can influence stakeholders with our Digital Manufacturing Leadership Consultancy service

It’s important to know and understand that all manufacturers can benefit from improving their digital manufacturing techniques and methodologies. This is definitely not just something for global manufacturers, but for you and your business as well.

This is what you need to communicate to others within your business. The truth is that for success to be truly realised, everyone must believe in Digital Manufacturing, and everyone must be willing to learn and adapt.

We can help you become a leader in Digital Manufacturing, because a leader not only influences and understands, by they also apply the benefits to individuals, teams and other stakeholders within your business.

The more Digital Manufacturing leaders you have within your business, the easier it becomes for people to agree to change and transformation.

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How can you benefit from our Digital Manufacturing Leadership Consultancy service?

Digital Manufacturing isn’t just about processes and technology, it’s also about people. Going from being an advocate to becoming a leader is something that can benefit the whole of your business.

Having several leaders within a business, all understanding how adopting Digital Manufacturing can deliver project and business benefits, ensures change and transformation can happen quickly and easily.

The benefits of Digital Manufacturing

With our Digital Manufacturing road-map, you can benefit from:

  • Working more efficiently through improved automation and workflows
  • Digital factories improve innovation and manufacturing capacity
  • Collaborate effectively in a digital environment
  • Better data and analytics enhance people, processes and products
  • Win more business through greater customer and supplier satisfaction

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Why you should partner with us

  • "I enjoyed the training and now I am working on live projects!"

    Anthony Burgess

    Jaguar Land Rover

  • "We’ll be giving you guys 9 and 10’s"

    Balraj Ghataore

    Redline Studios

  • "Technology is enabling us to pull together the product design and manufacturing design aspects of the business. The experts at Majenta Solutions went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers."

    Beatson Clark

  • "The guys from Majenta have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

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