The world is changing. The use of data and production of mass customised products for demanding consumers means that businesses need to adopt a more agile and dynamic approach to manufacturing. Processes of creation are now evolving beyond traditional linear paths into integrated cycles of input and feedback.

Learn how technology driven strategies can provide every manufacturer, regardless of size and industry, the means to be successful. Embrace this new digital era, and with the right tools and support your business can thrive.

There’s much to learn and even more potential to implement manufacturing strategies, within your business, over the coming weeks and months. If you have the responsibility to drive positive change within your business, then this event is right for you.



Time Item
09:30 Welcome and Introduction
09:35 What is 'The Future of Making Things'?
10:05 5 Steps to Competitive Separation
11:05 Breakout session: Winning More Business, Improving Product Performance and Increasing Innovation Capacity
12:05 Demonstration: Why VR in Manufacturing Benefits All Areas of the Business?
13:20 How Manufacturing can Adapt to Change and Future Challenges
13:45 Choosing the Right Manufacturing Services
13:55 How Majenta Solutions are Supporting Manufacturers
14:00 Wrap Up
14:05 Networking and Tour

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