Overcome design and manufacturing challenges within electrification with the Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review

The Majenta Solutions Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review aims to understand your current circumstances and provide you with best practice advice that ensures your Low Carbon projects run as efficiently as possible. Having an independent consultant to listen to your challenges, Majenta Solutions can bring opportunities and efficiencies to life that may be previously unknown.

Adopt electrification, light weighting and develop new powertrain technology with our Low Carbon Vehicle Review

We’ve over 20 years’ experience partnering with some of the world’s leading automotive companies, meeting their present and future challenges by delivering improvements to their workflows, developing efficiencies within their data and enhancing interoperability within their supply chains.

Whether you are an OEM or supplier, developing and executing Low Carbon design and manufacturing projects can be challenging. Workflows, data usability, and supplier integration all need to work in harmony for projects and organisations to realise their potential. That is why Majenta Solutions have developed the Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review.

The Majenta Solutions Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review focuses on three key project elements:

  • Workflows,
  • Data Usability, and
  • Supply Chain

and it can be undertaken at any point during the project’s life-cycle.

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Workflow Review

Each automotive design and manufacturing company is different. Your workflow will be designed to be tailored and used to meet your objectives. It also provides a platform for you to work with OEMs and your supply chain more effectively, reducing costs and solving issues early in the design and manufacturing process.

Majenta Solutions provides a consultative approach, which allows us to understand your current workflow and your objectives, ensuring that any workflow improvements deliver you better value.

During the Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review, Majenta Solutions will focus on advising best practice in:

  • Implementing workflows that supply end-to-end coverage, from engineering and manufacturing to sales.
  • Developing generative design automation and additive manufacturing for new material and weight reduction.
  • Reducing project and manufacturing costs to build and operate.
  • Communicating and reviewing ideas and concepts in the early phases of the car design process.
  • Moving faster from modelling to decision making with efficient surface design, visualisation, and 3D concept development.
  • Judging perceived quality without a physical model, with the ability to review texture, color and trim, character lines, highlights, and illumination on your surfaces and designs.
  • Getting movie-quality, production-ready CGI and videos for reuse in marketing.
  • Easily setting up and managing workgroup data, secure design data, and increasing efficiencies with multisite collaboration.
  • Reducing costly prototypes with Digital Prototyping design of production equipment.
  • Designing a factory in 3D, and use a centralised information system for the entire process, from planning to building operation.
  • Easily use tools for efficient drawing, modelling and documentation.
  • Integrate consumer experiences within workflow.

Majenta Solutions understand workflow challenges and can provide consultancy and services that deliver efficiencies and increase productivity.

Data Usability in Low Carbon Vehicle projects

It’s vital for any business that the format and quality of data, and how it’s used internally and shared across the supply chain meets the highest standards. The integrity of your Intellectual Property is paramount and should be treated with the care and attention it deserves.

Majenta Solutions have unrivaled expertise in data usability, we are trusted by leading automotive OEMs and their supply chain, many of whom rely on our products and services, which supplement their workflows, to share data across all corners of the globe.

During the Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review, Majenta Solutions will focus on advising best practice in:

  • Engaging with your suppliers on the use of tools, methodologies and onboarding standards that can result in a more efficient and joined up supply chain.
  • Translating native CAD formats to other CAD formats.
  • Planning, project management and completion of small and large scale data migration projects, including CAD repairs and rebuilds.
  • CAD management and integration for compliance with other systems.
  • CAD repair and rebuild to meet data quality (PDQ) requirements.
  • Data exchange with both internal and external stakeholders.

Whether it’s using data more efficiently, ensuring data readiness, or integrating and onboarding suppliers, we can deliver collaborative solutions that benefit individuals, teams, businesses and the wider supply chain.

Optimising your Low Carbon Vehicle project supply chain

Your own supply chain is as individual as your company. One of the biggest challenges within the automotive supply chain is ensuring that OEMs and suppliers have a framework that allows effective management of data, individuals and teams throughout a product development process. By taking control of the different processes and tasks involved, you’ll be more efficient and able to reduce costs.

Majenta Solutions have over 20 years’ experience working with automotive supply chains; from the world’s biggest OEMs to niche suppliers. Our digital supplier integration consultancy is not only applied to automotive, but in other industry sectors, and has benefited thousands of companies around the globe.

During the Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review, Majenta Solutions will focus on advising best practice in:

  • Supply chain integration, including delivering onboarding processes and interoperability.
  • Collaboration between project owners and leads, studios, suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) toolset that adds value and doesn’t hinder efficiencies and productivity.

Leverage our experience and expertise, delivering services and software that ensure you overcome challenges and reach your goals.

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