Our PDQ NP CAD Data Checker can help you comply with data quality requirements with data verification, repair and quality application

Our data experts will check the NX I-DEAS 5 data on your behalf. We will verify, repair and apply the PDQ NP flag required by Nissan to comply with their data quality requirements.

Are you checking your PDQ NP data as effectively as possible?

PDQ NP is the first CAD Data Quality product that not only checks for topology, geometry and manufacturability, but provides a robust toolset for automatic healing and applies a guarantee that the inspected part meets the requirements all within the I-DEAS NX CAD system. Elysium’s experience with I-DEAS NX and CAD-related geometry and topology issues, allowed for rapid integration of our Data Exchange Kernel’s Healing Module into PDQ NP.

Checking your PDQ NP can take time, potentially forming a bottleneck in your workflow. Allow our experts to quickly and efficiently perform PDQ NP checking.

Learn how you can drive efficiencies, with our PDQ NP CAD Data Checker service

Elysium, in partnership with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and iSiD Co. Ltd., has developed Product Data Quality Nissan Package or PDQ NP. PDQ NP is an I-DEAS NX 5 plug-in that provides instant CAD model checking, healing and certification. Effective in 2004, Nissan will require its subsidiaries and suppliers to provide a PDQ NP guaranteed file in order to send or receive CAD model files.

This change in policy by Nissan will be implemented in phases throughout Nissan’s subsidiaries. Nissan Technical Centre Europe is the first Nissan subsidiary to adopt the new deployment policy.

PDQ NP CAD Data Error Classification

PDQ NP identifies and heals the 15 critical errors identified in the Nissan Quality Guidelines. These lead to improved manufacturing and consistent quality of geometry provided to Nissan.

  • Tiny Edge
  • Narrow Edge
  • Sharp Edge Angle
  • Inconsistent Edge in Loop
  • Large Edge Face Gap
  • Large Face Gap
  • Large Edge Gap
  • Self-Intersecting Loop
  • Self Intersecting surface
  • Non-Smooth Segments
  • Non-Smooth Patches
  • Tiny Curve or Segment
  • Narrow Surface or Patch
  • Self-Intersecting Curve
  • Embedded Faces

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How can you benefit from our PDQ NP CAD Data Checker service?

You’ll have the ability to check data based on Nissan product quality guidelines for CAD models. As well as effective integration with TDM, providing the ability to manage check vs. uncheck entities, query items in libraries and package files, while providing instant time productivity during the life cycle of product development.

PDQ NP tracks the check/heal status of each entity within a given model file. Once an item has been guaranteed, the tracking system skips all guaranteed entities during subsequent check/heal routines.

We’re the preferred specialist integrator for this extremely powerful system. We’re working very closely with Elysium, our partner, to ensure all suppliers mandated to use PDQ-NP are correctly configured and fully up to speed with the processes surrounding PDQ-NP.

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