Course Type:
2 Days
Majenta Academy - Coventry
3 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4GA
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Intermediate to Advanced
£400 per person

VRED Training Course

  • Intermediate VRED users or users who have attended a “VRED Fundamentals” training course.
  • Designers and CAD modellers wanting to ‘broaden and deepen’ their VRED skills for the creation of imaginative, immersive, eye-catching dynamic presentations.

VRED Training Course

An Autodesk accredited course with the aim of becoming proficient in VRED “Advanced” capabilities, including complicated scenarios to be illustrated to enable a user to simulate models of unlimited detail design.

VRED Training Course

The creation of real-time presentations and HQI renderings.

Topics covered include:

  • Rendering – Render Passes, Render Layers
  • Ray Tracing, Photon Tracing, Subsurface scattering
  • Layer Rendering, Spectral Rendering and Ray Tracing Modes
  • Variants and Variant sets
  • Animation – Data Preparation, Keyframe Animation , Vertex Animation, Clip Editor and Render Effects (Motion Blur), Copy Transformation
  • Touch Sensor – Setup and use in Presentations
  • Direct NURBS Rendering – Features and Benefits, plus Surface Continuity
  • Interoperability – Interoperability with Alias and VRED
  • Introduction to the Sequencer Module
  • Measurement and Surface Analysis and Annotation
  • Advanced Lighting – HDRLightStudio Show and Tell, Rayfile Visualization, IES Profiles
  • Advanced Materials – Displacement maps
  • Advanced Cameras – Pro Features
  • Script – Show and Tell

Students engage with the software through a project which combines learned functions in a workflow context and affords students the freedom to explore application with reassurance of ‘over-the-shoulder’ instructor support. Interactive learning is promoted with whiteboard explanation and open discussion is actively encouraged.


18th Feb
20th May
8th Aug
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