Course Type:
5 Days
Majenta Academy - Coventry
3 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4GA
User Level:
Intermediate to Advanced

This course consists of several machining topics, including NC Infrastructure, Prismatic and Surface machining to Multi-Pocket and more advanced machining. We teach you how to generate high-quality NC programs for machining complex 3D parts and free-form shapes designed with surfaces and solids using advanced machining techniques. You will learn how to perform and increase productivity on a multitude of 2.5 to 5-Axis machining operations such as roughing, & semi-finishing, and Axial Machining. You will use various functionalities common across all the Milling Machining workbenches in CATIA. We will teach you the fundamentals of creating and simulating a Manufacturing Program.

This course provides a high-level understanding of Manufacturing in CATIA V5. Students create a Manufacturing Program and Simulate a Manufacturing Program, with the ability to Define, Analyse and Modify the Tool Path.

Topics covered include:

  • Define a Multi-Axis Flank Contouring operation, Helix Machining operation and Cavities Roughing operation
  • Identify and use the Multi-Axis Surface Machining tools
  • Define various 2.5 – 5-Axis machining operations
  • Create NC programs for machining structural prismatic multi-cavity parts such as aerospace structural parts
  • Define Multi-Pockets Operations in Power Machining and Flank Contouring
  • Identify and use the Manufacturing workbenches’ tools
  • Manage Tools and Tool Catalogs
  • Generate NC data using an integrated Post Processor
  • Create shop floor documentation
  • Manage design changes


  • This course is aimed at Existing CATIA V5 users, NC Programmers, Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Students attending this will be familiar with Mechanical Design concepts and experience of working with typical PC-based applications e.g. MS-Office and Windows OS, V5 Fundamentals.


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  • "I’ve had very positive feedback from all the attendees of the training course. Everyone agreed it was instructional and relevant to their level of competence."


  • "Having had very limited experience with 3DX and/or machining software, I was a bit nervous about taking the course. Nigel was extremely helpful and patient with me, taking the time to answer my questions in a way that was very clear. The 4-day course was very calm and relaxed, but a great deal of information was covered to give me a good grounding to the prismatic machining software. "

    Tom Skinner


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