Course Type:
2 Days
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Beginner to Intermediate

Autodesk CFD Training Course

  • New/infrequent users wanting to learn how Autodesk CFD can optimise their 3D designs
  • Designers looking to optimise design before costly physical prototypes are generated

Autodesk CFD Training Course

This course will introduce you to performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis on 3-D models. All of the available load and constraint options for CFD analysis will be covered. You will learn how to evaluate the results of CFD analysis and create presentations of the results, including images, animations and HTML reports.

Autodesk CFD Training Course

Topics covered include:

  • CFD Overview
  • CFD Workflow

Basics of Fluid Flow Analysis

  • Materials
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Meshing

Results Evaluation and Presentation

  • Results Processing – Graphs, Images and Scenario Comparisons
  • Slice Planes
  • Particle Paths
  • Streamlines
  • Pressure/Force Calculations/Results for Simulation Mechanical

Applications – depending on requirements

  • Electronic Cooling
  • Valves/Pumps
  • HVAC and custom environments.
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