Course Type:
5 Days
On site or at the Majenta office in Whitley, Coventry
User Level:
Beginner to Advanced

This course will first teach you how to design simple Composites Parts using a Manual approach. You will then learn how to use a Zone-based approach to complete the preliminary design and then the detailed design. You will also learn how to generate plies automatically, use the analysis tools and simulate fibre behaviour. Finally, you will learn how to generate exact solids and to create composites drawings.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the parameters of the composite
  • Design a composite part using the manual approach
  • Design a composite part using the classical and solid zone approach
  • Perform and inspect the producibility analysis
  • Export and import the ply design data
  • Create a ply book


Students attending this course should be familiar with wireframe and surface design and drafting.

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