Course Type:
1 Day
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Intermediate to Advanced

Inventor Dynamic Simulation Training Course

  • New/infrequent users wanting to learn how Autodesk® Inventor FEA and Frame Analysis can optimise their part assembly and frame designs
  • Intermediate Autodesk® Inventor users wanting to ‘broaden and deepen’ their skills to improve efficiency and productivity
  • The course does not assume prior knowledge of any FEA, however Students do need to have some experience with inventor
  • Designers looking to optimise design before costly physical prototypes are generated
  • For those wanting to accurately generate animations showing complicated motion of multiple parts

Inventor Dynamic Simulation Training Course

The Inventor Dynamic Simulation Autodesk® accredited course, instructs Students in the best usage approaches through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum. Students acquire the knowledge needed to complete a thorough evaluation of product performance in 3D. Dynamic Simulation provides animation, kinematics evaluation of paths and positions, and dynamic analysis to review timing and determine forces.

Inventor Dynamic Simulation Training Course

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating the Dynamic Simulation Environment
  • Creating Joints
  • Creating Bodies
  • Creating Forces and Torques
  • Creating Traces
  • Dynamic Part Motion
  • Using the Output Grapher
  • Creating AVI Animation
  • Detecting Collision During Operation
  • Export Dynamic Simulation Results to FEA

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