Course Type:
1 Day
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Beginner to Advanced

Inventor Freeform Modelling Training Course

The class assumes a basic knowledge of Inventor UI as taught in Inventor Fundamentals.

Inventor Freeform Modelling Training Course

Inventor Freeform Modelling training course provides the trainees with a detailed insight into the freeform modelling capability within Autodesk Inventor. Freeform modelling training course covers the concept behind the freeform modelling workflows, creation and manipulation of freeform geometry. Trainees will also cover the process of linking the freeform shape to parametric geometry and how best to work with multiple freeform primitives. Finally we cover the finishing touches of the aesthetical design process through trimming and analysing the resulting shape.

Inventor Freeform Modelling Training Course

Topics covered include:

  • Freeform Modelling – The Concept
  • Creating Freeform Geometry
  • The Technology behind Freeform
  • Freeform Selection Techniques
  • Editing the Freeform Shape
  • Working with multiple Freeform Bodies
  • Parametric Design with Freeform
  • Finalising the Design
  • The GOLDEN Rules
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