Course Type:
3 Days
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Beginner to Advanced

Nastran In-CAD Professional Training Course

  • New/infrequent users wanting to learn how Autodesk® Nastran In-CAD can optimise their design workflow
  • Intermediate Autodesk Inventor users wanting to ‘broaden and deepen’ their skills to improve efficiency and productivity
  • The course does assume prior knowledge of basic FEA, also Students do need to have some experience with Inventor and the Inventor Stress Analysis Environment
  • For the advanced section of this course we assume a prior knowledge and competence in the basic operation of Nastran in-CAD as well as a basic understanding of the concepts used in FEA.

Nastran In-CAD Professional Training Course

The Autodesk Nastran in-CAD Professional training course, a 3 day Autodesk accredited course, instructs Students in the best usage approaches for computational modelling and analysis techniques through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum. Students acquire the basic theory of FEA modelling, meshing and analysing models for a range of analysis types. Students will explore the advanced tools available to them in Nastran In-CAD and be able to work with practical examples throughout the course.

Nastran In-CAD Professional Training Course

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating the Nastran in-CAD Environment
  • Capabilities of Nastran In-CAD
  • Introduction to FEA concepts
  • Setup and Workflow
  • Defining Physical Properties
  • Loads, Contacts & Constraints
  • Meshing and Convergence
  • Working with Thin Bodies
  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Non Linear Static Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Using Symmetry to enhance FEA workflow
  • Design Optimisation
  • Advanced Settings
  • Local Mesh Refinement
  • Beams and Buckling
  • Modal Avoidance
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Dynamic Fatigue Analysis
  • Material Non Linearity Analysis
  • Non Linear Transient Analysis
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