How BIM is becoming truly valuable for a digitising construction industry, and how a thirdparty information manager can help.


We sat down with Gary Scott of Willmott Dixon to pinpoint the new and future ways in which BIM will add value for contractors, owner-operators and the industry as a whole. What follows here are insights shared from that discussion.


Focus on University of Kent project

How to manage evolving client asset requirements on a BIM project, when asking for too much data needs to be addressed.

Learning from Past BIM Projects

The power of listening to your client; how Willmott Dixon and Majenta are able to take ‘black box learnings’ from one BIM project into the next.

The benefits of a 3rd Party BIM Information Manager

Why does Willmott Dixon’s Head of Digital see benefit in working with Majenta as a third-party BIM Information Manager?

How the 2016 BIM mandate has Impacted Construction

How Willmott Dixon’s decision to support their customer’s understanding of BIM and asset data is now the key to establishing long-term relationships.

Practical Considerations of BIM for a Main Contractor

Willmott Dixon and Majenta on BIM as the catalyst to achieve greater work/life balance, reduce a project team’s carbon footprint, and to help significantly reduce client approval time.

BIM Projects of the Future

How building owners considering the operational needs of their facilities post Practical Completion is driving the prescriptive nature of future BIM projects.

Next 5 Years of BIM

How the digital geometry and operational asset data of buildings is becoming the valuable ‘used car service history’ for building owners and investors.

Full interview – The evolving digital construction landscape

Majenta Solutions have had the pleasure of working as BIM Information Managers to help Willmott Dixon deliver state-of-the-art buildings to prestigious universitiesWith recurring staff members reuniting on successive projects across Contractor, Client and Information Manager, all teams involved have been rewarded for their efforts with new BIM learnings.  

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