Raising the Industry Standard

The world of design and engineering has changed significantly since Majenta Solutions was formed in 1995.

The vision of the founders was to create a business which not just sold products but delivered solutions and it is this vision that separates Majenta Solutions from others in the market.

It’s important to see where Majenta Solutions has come from, but it’s essential for you to understand where we’re going.



Future-Proof Solutions

How businesses design, engineer, manufacture, and build are always evolving and changing. The solutions available to meet these changes are also in a state of flux. The impact these two elements alone can bring to a business can be challenging. Majenta Solutions add value to their customers by understanding how these elements can affect businesses today and may impact them going forwards.

The introduction and use of Cloud-Based platforms, Supply Chain Integration and Augmented/Virtual Reality are just a few things which have the potential to take a challenging business environment and turn it into an opportunity for growth. It’s essential for all businesses to understand, assess and implement solutions that will add real value to their customers, supply chain and stakeholders.

Implementing future-proof solutions, by understanding what teams and businesses are looking to achieve, is something that Majenta Solutions have been doing since its formation in 1995.

Today, Majenta Solutions pride themselves on knowing and understanding what’s around the corner with software, training and consulting on industry best practice.

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