Achieving BIM Level 2 is just a BIM Review away

A Majenta Solutions BIM Review will help you to analyse and assess your current skill levels and the steps needed to achieve BIM Level 2. This analysis process can be used to assess and identify areas for improvement with all stages of a project within an organisation. This service will help you analyse your current state of BIM readiness.

Our BIM and Digital Construction services are tailored to your needs, and the planning stage focuses on your business objectives, process and technology, standards, model review, audit and management. This will be split into sections throughout the day or days, and an agenda agreed in advance in order to cover all aspects of BIM.

The BIM Review will cover the following topics:

  • BIM Software Review
  • Current Workflow Review
  • Understand and agree your objectives and area of focus for the project
  • Interview key users to understand internal mechanisms
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Current frame work and business processes
  • Skills analysis
  • Current data management
  • Review company road map and strategy
  • Review standards
  • Current software
  • IT systems review
  • FM requirements

After reviewing these topics, our BIM and Digital Construction Consultants will be in a position to advise and compile a complete Scope of Works, along with a Project Programme Plan in order to help you achieve your goals. This will be mapped with key phases and milestones.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed. BIM solutions help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process.

We understand that every company is different and require different levels of BIM development and that there will be no one size fits all that can help companies trying to achieve the next level status.

Plan, Design, Implement, Operate & Optimise

With that in mind we draw on our proven automotive and digital manufacturing experience and operate all of our BIM projects using a well proven ICT methodology (Plan, Design, Implement, Operate & Optimise) and deliver an extensive set of additional services highlighted following sections.

Our expert team of BIM, digital construction, and manufacturing professionals, help deploy development programs, adopt best practice guidelines, organisational vision, modelling plan, employee skills gap analysis, systems & process plans and software technology reviews.

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BIM and Digital Construction Training and Learning

Whether you’re at the start of your BIM journey or pioneering your digital construction strategy, we can help with our range of training courses.

Why you should partner with us

  • "The guys from Majenta have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "Majenta can take responsibility for ensuring that any data they send is downloaded without having to go through the CAD department. This saves the time and effort of CAD engineers and allows them to focus on their own tasks."

    Jamie Calleja

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

  • "Thank you for everything, including Majenta Solutions'  hospitality and especially for Nick's brilliant way of lecturing. I took the skills I needed  and more from the course."

    Rami El Ahmadieh

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