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Digital Manufacturing

Work with Majenta Solutions to discover how digitally ready your business is in adopting Digital Manufacturing methods and processes.

Digital Construction

Our consultants have been helping organisations deliver BIM, digitise their existing processes and assist with digitalisation throughout their business.

CAD Services

Our customers benefit from our technical expertise in creating, delivering and reporting on their data, in a variety of formats based on their requirements.

Work with compliant data

Whether you need to create, send or validate data and IP, Majenta Solutions can help.

Our Data Services experts are CAD data specialists. Using MX, our secure data exchange platform, our CAD data experts can provide a range of specialised CAD integration services that help OEMs and suppliers overcome barriers of sharing CAD files from different native formats.

Integrate your supply chain

If you’re an OEM who works with a number of suppliers or want to work better with other OEMs, Majenta Solutions can help deliver a supplier integration programme.

With a focus on onboarding, data interoperability and effective collaboration, we’ve been advising on the effective use of tools, methodologies and standards that can result in a more efficient and joined up supply chain.


Majenta Training and Events app

The Majenta Training app allows for the tracking, booking and registering of interest for events and training seminars provided by Majenta Solutions.



Majenta Helpdesk app

Our Helpdesk App enables Majenta Subscription Plus customers to log, track and manage any software support cases that they open with the Majenta Helpdesk.


Enabling you to Create Better

Majenta Solutions are a technology solutions provider, we’ve been established for 20 years and have 5 offices based around the UK. Our company mantra is based around helping our customers to create better. So, whether it’s creating better products or creating better built environments, Majenta Solutions are here to help.

We work with the world’s best solution providers when it comes to digital engineering and development, such as Autodesk, and Dassault Systèmes. What makes us unique is that we are an independent advisor, helping you navigate your way through the complex products and technologies that are out in the world at the moment.

So, if you’re feeling a bit bewildered, a bit confused about what software and services are available that can help you to derive better business value, and digital manufacturing and digital construction processes, then Majenta Solutions is here to help you navigate your way through that complex environment.

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