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Our CAD support services are designed to bridge the gap between suppliers and OEMs, ensuring seamless integration and communication throughout the design and manufacturing process.

By leveraging Majenta's expertise, suppliers can navigate the complexities of automotive development with greater ease and efficiency, aligning their operations directly with the needs and specifications of OEMs.

How it works

Facilitating communication with OEMs

We understand the importance of clear communication between suppliers and OEMs. Our team facilitates additional meetings to ensure that project requirements are thoroughly understood and aligned, minimising the risk of misinterpretation and rework.

Sourcing data with part numbers

Accurate and precise design work is essential in the automotive industry. We assist suppliers in sourcing data with part numbers, ensuring that all components are correctly specified and integrated into the overall design.

Conducting three-way conversations

Effective collaboration is key to success in automotive manufacturing. We facilitate three-way conversations between our team, the supplier, and the OEM, promoting streamlined communication and efficient problem-solving.

What to expect

Synchronisation with OEMs

Partnering with Majenta for CAD support services offers unparalleled value and benefits to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the automotive sector. Our comprehensive approach and sector-specific expertise ensure that suppliers  are always in sync with OEM specifications, reducing the risk of rework and accelerating time-to-market for new products.
Our CAD support services are designed to enhance the alignment of supplier CAD data with the requirements of OEMs, avoiding rework and building trust between suppliers and manufacturers.

Enhanced collaboration

The direct lines of communication we establish between suppliers and OEMs facilitate a more collaborative environment, leading to innovative solutions and improvements in design quality.

Our rapid response to project changes and comprehensive training programs equip suppliers with the agility and knowledge needed to adapt to the dynamic processes involved in automotive manufacturing.

The Majenta Difference


Using our CAD support services suppliers can expect not only to meet but exceed OEM expectations, securing a competitive advantage.


We work closely with suppliers to develop customised CAD support solutions that align with their specific goals and requirements.


Our sector expertise allows us to anticipate and address potential obstacles, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration process.


We are committed to staying at the forefront of CAD technology and industry best practices, continuously refining our services.


Frequently asked questions

How can suppliers get started with Majenta's CAD support services, and what is the onboarding process like?

Getting started with Majenta's CAD support services is a straightforward process. Suppliers can contact our team to discuss their specific needs and objectives. We will then work closely with the supplier to develop a customised support plan, which may include an initial assessment, training, and integration with existing processes.

Can Majenta provide CAD support services for suppliers working with non-automotive OEMs?

While Majenta specialises in serving the automotive industry, our CAD support services can be adapted to meet the needs of suppliers working with OEMs in other sectors. Our team has the flexibility and expertise to understand and align with the specific requirements of different industries.

How does Majenta ensure that suppliers' CAD data is secure and confidential?

At Majenta, we prioritise data security and confidentiality. We employ robust security measures, including secure data storage, access controls, and strict confidentiality agreements. Our team adheres to industry best practices and complies with relevant regulations to protect our clients' sensitive information.

What are the benefits of using Majenta's CAD support services compared to handling issues in-house?

By using Majenta’s CAD support services, suppliers benefit from our specialised expertise, industry knowledge, and established relationships with OEMs. This allows suppliers to focus on their core competencies while ensuring that their CAD processes are optimised, compliant, and aligned with OEM requirements and that two-way communication is effective and efficient.

How can Majenta's CAD support services help suppliers manage the complexity of working with multiple OEMs?

Majenta's CAD support services are designed to streamline communication and data management across multiple OEMs. Our team acts as a single point of contact, facilitating meetings, sourcing data, and ensuring consistency in methods and specifications, allowing suppliers to efficiently manage concurrent projects with several OEMs.

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