Compliance &

Quality Checks

As vehicles evolve to incorporate more complex and advanced technologies, suppliers must ensure CAD data aligns with automotive OEMs' rigorous standards and integrates seamlessly with their PLM systems.

Partnering with Majenta helps suppliers navigate the complexities of OEM compliance and quality checks, reducing the need for rework, cutting costs, and accelerating development cycles.

How it works

Maintaining alignment with OEM CAD standards

We leverage tools like Q-Checker and CAD Doctor for NX analysis to ensure CAD compliance with OEM specifications and conduct detailed PMI/3D GD&T assessments and 3D tolerance 'stack-up' analysis using VSA software, critical for manufacturing feasibility and precision engineering.

Ensuring the accuracy of your CAD data

We incorporate model-based definition checking and re-application, as well as geometry validation to evaluate and improve the accuracy of your CAD data before transferring it to the OEM — significantly reducing rejection rates and positioning your business as a professional and capable partner.

Identifying issues in your CAD development process

We can provide a CAD auditing and doctoring service to proactively identify and address potential issues in your CAD data development process — helping to solve the root causes of data alignment issues and optimise future iterations of the process.

What to expect

OEM experience

We have extensive experience working with world-leading OEMs including Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and BMW, and can offer the benefit of our insight when helping you improve quality control within your design processes. 

Our deep understanding of the nuanced requirements and high standards expected by these manufacturers, allows us to deliver a tailored service that ensures their stringent quality expectations are met or exceeded.

Specialist expertise

We understand that quality control is more than just meeting specifications — it's about embedding excellence into every stage of the design process. By working with Majenta you gain access to the best practices, cutting-edge quality control techniques, and proactive compliance strategies needed to achieve this. 

The result is a more robust process that not only satisfies the current demands of current OEM partners but also prepares your business for new developments in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

The Majenta Difference


We’re the experts in navigating and understanding OEM standards, ensuring your CAD data always meets the required compliance and quality levels.


We align CAD data accurately with OEM specifications from the outset, reducing the need for rework and lowering your costs.


Our deep understanding of CAD standards and data management practices speeds up development cycles, enabling you to bring innovations to market faster.


Our collaborative approach to optimising the quality of your development and quality processes helps you succeed in the competitive automotive market.


Frequently asked questions

How does Majenta's compliance and quality check process integrate with my existing CAD development workflow?

Our CAD services are designed to be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow. We work closely with your team to understand your specific development cycle and tailor our services to complement and enhance your operations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Is it possible to get a pre-assessment from Majenta to identify potential compliance risks before final data submission to an OEM?

Majenta can conduct a preliminary evaluation of your CAD data to identify potential compliance risks and quality issues before final submission. This proactive service helps to mitigate the risk of rejection by OEMs and streamlines the quality assurance process.

Can Majenta ensure compliance with international OEM standards if we're expanding to new markets?

Yes, our expertise isn't limited by geography. We're well-versed in international OEM standards and can assist you in meeting the compliance requirements of global markets. This includes navigating the complexities of regional variations in standards and practices.

What kind of support can I expect from Majenta if my CAD data fails to meet OEM requirements?

If your CAD data doesn't initially meet OEM requirements, Majenta provides a dedicated support team to analyse the discrepancies, offer detailed feedback, and guide you through the necessary revisions. We also provide training and resources to help prevent similar issues in future projects.

How frequently does Majenta update its compliance and quality check procedures?

Majenta's compliance and quality check procedures are dynamic — updated regularly to reflect the latest OEM CAD standards, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. We ensure that our processes remain at the cutting edge to deliver the most accurate and efficient service to our clients.

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