Majenta Construction

With BIM standards mandated on the majority of large-scale construction projects, expert support is invaluable for compliance and success.


Majenta offers consultancy, model creation and information management services that address key challenges throughout the construction lifecycle from design and planning through to operational handover.

Our extensive experience in the construction industry and supply chain, paired with our advanced technical skills and BIM expertise makes us the ideal partner for designers, contractors and manufacturers.

BIM Consultancy

Our BIM consultancy services ensure that clients and contractors can navigate the complexities of digital construction seamlessly and efficiently while maintaining compliance.

Digital Consultancy

We provide strategic insights, expert support and practical solutions in information management and BIM deployment and implementation.

Modelling Services

Our advanced 2D and 3D modelling services streamline complex construction projects by offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency from concept through to completion.

Information Management

We provide comprehensive asset and information management services, enhancing project efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.

Content Creation

We support manufacturers in developing BIM-compliant parametric models of their products and promoting them to the global specification market via the BIMobject platform.

BIM File Development

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) becomes standard practice, mandated on all UK public sector projects and increasingly adopted in the private sector, it's critical for manufacturers to align their product data with these requirements.

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BIMobject is the leading online marketplace for Revit and other BIM files, designed specifically to connect manufacturers with a vast network of architects, designers, and construction firms.

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