As a long-standing JLR supplier, you are proud to work with such an iconic, British brand. But even before the current climate, demands were high, and now more than ever before both you and JLR need to drive to a more sustainable future.

You want to secure your position on future programmes with JLR while expanding your footprint with other global OEMs, but you know that you need to streamline the fundamental ways that your engineering teams work. They need to be able to work faster and deliver true design in context – improving the right-first-time approach to project delivery and ultimately increasing your operational efficiencies.

But with industry demands increasing, and the need to somehow stay sustainable while scaling your delivery, this is no small task. You cannot afford the inefficiency that comes from reliance on engineers working in silos at JLR or other customers. Today, that communication needs to be uninterrupted, something which cannot happen when you have a lack of control over your own data flow; as you know, when sensitive data is not centrally stored, a lack of legacy data management is what follows. The time to upgrade is now. With shrinking delivery windows – the margin for error and communication failure has never been so narrow, and those silos created within your departments with partners are nothing compared to the disjointedness that unexpected world events can impose on your processes.

You can bring all your workflows across all your projects and partners onto one unified platform where you can collaborate in real-time with your partners. You can enforce you, teams, to design in context and have a single centralised source of truth for all your data. By using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you can eliminate hidden factories and silos by enabling multi-channel communication. By collaborating in real-time with partners, you can streamline your processes and save time on endless design revisions and “off-the-grid” communication.

By communicating and collaborating in real-time with your partners such as JLR, you will not only help secure your future involvement with projects, but you will increase your global footprint with other OEMs. Only a streamlined, efficient and innovative organisation can take control of its future.

Connected by the 3DEXPERIENCE, you are enabling a virtualised workforce, providing a platform for remote working across the globe, without any delays on project delivery. Enable a more efficient way of working with your partners, deliver innovative, competitive products against your budget and make gains in your operational efficiency. What’s more, you can make a sustainable impact on the future of your relationships with your partners, and be a catalyst in the future of the automotive supply chain.

View a case study with our customer Contechs to understand how adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helped them revolutionise their innovation and design the cars of the near future.


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