We want to offer our CAD Translation and Data Exchange services to all engineers and manufacturers supporting any project that can help to fight the pandemic.


We can help you translate and convert data to allow for a quick response time when delivering against concepts, saving valuable time when multiple organisations are working collaboratively.

  • Converting 3D CAD / 2D CAD to other CAD formats (or even multiple formats) to allow teams to exchange design data quickly and robustly
  • Convert CAD to STL for 3D printing (additive manufacture)
  • Convert scan data to CAD format
  • Check CAD model quality
  • And advising on the best way to serve data to achieve what you need


Majenta has an invaluable team of experts with over 20 years of experience servicing, translating and exchanging critical data for global OEMs and supporting suppliers in meeting OEM data requirements.


All of this is done using high-quality translation tools, designed with security and speed in mind, by our team of experienced engineers. We have relevant and applicable knowledge that can make sure manufacturers receive the data they need quickly and in the correct formats. We can also provide advice to help ascertain the data servicing needs of particular projects.


Even with our teams working remotely, our hardware and software are still available with the highest levels of security.  We are flexible, and we can be reactive to demands, so please reach out and allow us to support your vital project.


Please contact us today if we can help.

T: 01277 266 966

E: services@majentasolutions.com

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