In this short video, our Digital Construction Account Manager, Sam Lissaman looks at some of the common questions he is asked about Digital Construction Content Libraries.

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What is a BIM / Digital Construction Content Library?

  • Digital Data Repository to store standard systems and components that are commonly used on projects
  • Can be stored on an Internal Content Management System or externally using the BIMobject Hercules Platform.


Why should you consider a Content Library?

Having a BIM / Digital Construction Content Library will allow you to:

  • Standardise data and increase consistency across projects and throughout different areas of the business
  • Control customer expectations and deliverables


How do you create a Content Library?

  • Identify the standard components that are used frequently throughout your projects
  • You can develop a Content Library in-house if you have the resources available, if not, get in touch with the team here at Majenta to get started.
  • We also recommend creating a user manual, having this go-to guide will help encourage adoption throughout your business.


How can Majenta help?

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