A third-party BIM Information Manager can bring knowledge from completed projects across your industry to the table to help you deliver on your BIM requirements. Willmott Dixon have delivered state-of-the-art buildings to university clients with support from Majenta Solutions – an Information Manager with a different approach. Read on to learn how honest qualification of BIM requirements can reveal more project-appropriate route to your ultimate deliverables.

The following is an excerpt from a new Industry Insight Paper released by leading BIM Information Manager – Majenta Solutions. To learn more about the three university build projects features in the paper, view it for free.

How Majenta’s approach is different… 

Majenta takes a different approach to projects, preferring to build long-term relationships with customers so that mutual understanding delivers better results. Majenta’s experts effectively become extended team members for the customer – and for Willmott Dixon this kind of relationship enabled a learning journey with real project benefits.  

“I think that’s what I’ve liked about our relationship. I think you [Willmott Dixon] have been quite honest with us when you want things to be changed and we’ve hopefully shared our learnings with other projects and other contractors. I think we’ve managed to keep it very straightforward, engaging the client when we need to and making sure our deliverables are set out from the offset. So they’re enjoyable projects.”
Says James Smith, Majenta’s Technical Director.  

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Honest qualification of client BIM requirements… 

The University of Kent School of Economics was Willmott Dixon’s first project working up-close with a university Facilities Management (FM) team, who were relatively new to BIM. One of Willmott Dixon project’s had standard BIM documents which asked for a lot of data. However, an excess of data can actually become overwhelming and make it difficult for FM teams to enjoy BIM’s benefits. 

The customer soon upskilled, joining Majenta and Willmott Dixon on a learning journey and honing their BIM requirements along the way. Majenta worked with the client to qualify their BIM requirements to ensure that every piece of data requested would be useful to the FM team.  

Commenting on Willmott Dixon’s projects that were completed with Majenta’s help, Gary notes that: 

“One client took learning from one project to the next and scaled their requirements in certain areas. They understood what their asset requirements were going forward, which was good to see. It was all part of what we call our blackbox learning, ensuring our future projects benefit from the experiences of our past.” 

Gary continues “And I think that’s the piece that I enjoy most about working with Majenta: the contract documents are there, but they are they are they are challenged. They are looked at where they can be improved upon, and honest feedback is given back to the customer. Majenta’s approach is: “We think we can help you here in this area or from the conversations we’ve been having with your teams, this seems to be something that you were interested in.” 

So why work with Majenta as a third-party Information Manager? 

By working with Willmott Dixon on multiple successive projects for the two universities, Majenta supported Willmott Dixon’s supply chain. Much of the team (such as the MEP consultant and the structural engineer) were the same across the three projects, and benefitted from Majenta’s industry leading knowledge.   

“Willmott Dixon bring together all the subject matter experts and the experts in the industry for a project. And you’re seen very much as an expert in the industry of information management.” 
Gary comments. 

For Willmott Dixon, bringing Majenta onboard meant benefitting from knowledge gathered from other customers, and customer’s competitors as well. “It’s all about this learning step” as Gary puts it 

“And that’s where I think a third party works well, because Scott [Majenta’s Principal Consultant] has come to us on a couple of occasions said, “we’ve done this with another customer. We think this might be of help to you.’ You understand our customers, and it allows us to then present value engineering, essentially, to our customer: here’s something that may be able to help you going forward.” 
Gary comments. 

“And to be honest, what I like about working with Majenta is I’ve had feedback from customers when we said, ‘We’re putting Majenta on this project,’ and they said, ‘That’s great. We’re glad you’ve got Majenta.”
Gary Comments.


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