Course Type:
1 Day
User Level:
Beginner to Advanced

This Nissan G2B Training course has been created to help you gain an understanding of G2B and TCP3 and the requirements expected from you as a supplier.

Course Structure

Nissan Overview

  • Introduction to G2B
  • On-line help Applications
    • Business Manual
    • E-Learning
    • Understanding G2B Screens

IS System Requirements

  • Recommended PC Configuration
  • Supplier Registration Process
    • G2B Registration (Nissan Responsibility)
    • TC-Passion Licence Agreement
  • Digital Certificates
    • How to apply for Digital Certificates
  • Adding New Users
    • How to add new users and role assignments using the Nissan Global Directory System
  • B2B Supplier Portal
    • Access to the B2B Portal
    • PAM (Portal Access Management)
  • Updating Applicant or Approver
    • How to update the Applicant, Approver or both.
  • Helpdesk & Support


  • Concept of DD-Mail and How Suppliers receive e-mails
    • Concept of DD-mail in G2B
    • What is DD-mail
    • Purpose
    • Example of DD-mail

G2B System Preparation

  • Explanation of Distribution Tables and Why Required
    • What are Distribution tables
    • Purpose
    • Concept of Distribution tables
    • Maintenance of Distribution tables
    • Maintenance timing.
    • Types of Distribution table
    • How Distribution tables work
    • Distribution table parameters
    • Definition of parameters
    • Default line in Distribution table

Design Change Process

  • Design Release/Change Processes
    • Design Change management with Nissan Design
      • Spec Tender
      • Proposal Data Submission
      • Design Note
    • Design Change management with Nissan Manufacturing
      • Design Change process
      • Image of Design Release / Nissan Release
      • Managing common parts
      • Design Release
      • Management of Line trials
      • Nissan Release
      • Adoption date reply
      • Production Notification
    • G2B Design Note information flow

Part Search

  • What are Part Search screens ?
  • How to access Part Search from G2B Main menu

How will this course improve your relationship with Nissan?

  • Enable seamless integration with Nissan
  • Reduce issues and delays when it comes to delivering data to Nissan
  • Meet strict project timings set by Nissan on time
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