On behalf of Majenta:

Majenta is excited to announce that from Friday 5th of April 2019, Symetri part of Addnode Group has acquired the Majenta Autodesk Division/Business. The Majenta directors would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Symetri and its board of directors on the acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk reseller business.

“The sale of the Autodesk Division now completes the planned strategic reorganisation of Majenta, giving us a strong and agile platform to continue our successful journey in Digital Supply Chain Management.” Monty Meghjee, Commercial Director of Majenta.


James Smith, Technical Director of Majenta comments, “This is an exciting time for Majenta, and we look forward to announcing new plans and initiatives that we believe will significantly grow Majenta for the Majenta family and our customers.”


“The strength and growth of our Digital Construction Division have been due to our service offerings and consultancy, both of which are driven by our expert team. The increased focus on our services and supporting technologies will provide our customers with even greater value.” Adds Simon Ordish, Digital Construction Director of Majenta.


Manish Amlani, Dassault Systèmes Director of Majenta adds, “Our partnership with Dassault Systèmes is a key element of our long-term Digital Transformation strategy to help our customers engineer and innovate world class solutions and we will continue to invest in our partnership and our people to ensure focus and therefore the best possible experience for our valued customers.”


“Majenta’s DNA lies with OEM supply chains and our work that the Digital Supplier Integration Division conduct. We have grown this offering throughout our industries and across the whole of Majenta, therefore it is a positive strategic decision that we plan to focus on our DNA. We will continue to focus on our key industries of Automotive, Aerospace, Construction and Manufacturing, throughout which we will deliver value to customers with people, process and technology from an award-winning team of industry experts.” Concludes Dave Downes, Operations Director of Majenta.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Autodesk customers and we believe that you will be well supported and guided by the team at Symetri.

To keep up to date with the products and services provided by Majenta, please visit www.majentasolutions.com

If you have any queries in this respect, please contact Rhian Williams on rhian.williams@majentasolutions.com

On behalf of Symetri:

The acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk Division is in line with Symetri’s strategy to be an international market-leading provider of software and services for design and engineering activities.

Majenta has over the years built a solid customer base that will further extend our market reach and we will be able to serve the customers with more expertise, capabilities and a broader product portfolio. says John Bartle, Director of Symetri Ltd. “The acquisition of Majenta’s Autodesk Division matches very well with our strategy to grow by acquiring highly skilled Value-Added Resellers of Autodesk software and transfer our product portfolio, knowledge and capabilities,” says Jens Kollserud, CEO of Symetri.

To read the full acquisition announcement please visit: https://www.symetri.com/news/symetri-continue-to-strengthen-its-uk-operations-with-the-acquisition-of-majenta-s-autodesk-division-with-an-annual-net-sale-of-sek-40-million/


Q&A’s for Customers

How does this acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk Reseller Business affect me as a Majenta Autodesk customer?

This acquisition will affect you as an Autodesk customer. Symetri will be in touch ASAP with all their details and to understand your requirements and how Majenta has supported you. If you have any queries that you need support with straight away, then please contact:

For commercial and business matters: Neil Adcock, Sales Manager, neil.adcock@symetri.co.uk


Will my Autodesk account manager change?

Yes, your new account manager from Symetri will be in touch.


I have a Majenta Subscription + contract,  Who do I contact for any Autodesk helpdesk requests?

Please contact servicedesk@symetri.co.uk or phone Symetri Service Desk on 0191 2233566


I have a Majenta Services Passport, who do I contact to discuss how I utilise my remaining service credits?

Please contact Neil Adcock, Sales Manager, neil.adcock@symetri.co.uk


How does this acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk Reseller Business affect me as a Majenta Digital Construction customer?

Not directly, if you have purchased Autodesk software or Autodesk-related training from us in the past then this element of your requirement will be passed to Symetri, but Majenta will still deliver all Digital Construction services and BIM training.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Bim.sales@majentasolutions.com or 02476 803500


How does this acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk Reseller Business affect me as a Majenta Digital Supplier Integration customer?

You will not be affected at all.


How does this acquisition of the Majenta Autodesk Reseller Business affect me as a Majenta Dassault Systèmes customer?

You will not be affected at all.

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