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Majenta Solution’s expertise derives from over twenty years of working within the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and construction sectors. Our teams have unrivaled, first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by teams and businesses and the impact that these challenges have on associated stakeholders.

We excel in delivering digital solutions that empower individuals and teams through software, services, and training, all supported by best-in-class infrastructure and specialist digital supplier integration solutions.

Create Better with our Solutions and Software Platforms

Everyone has challenges and, at Majenta Solutions, we help our customers turn these into opportunities.

Whether the solutions or software platforms improve data exchange and security, enhance collaboration within supply chains, reduce costs within design and manufacturing projects, or you simply need to know how to work with COBie data, we’re here to help you.

With so many software platforms available, Majenta Solutions will ensure that our recommendations are the best fit for your business requirements.

So, if you want to know more about how we can help, make sure you contact us today and our expert Consultants will be able to provide all the information you require.

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Best-in-class design, engineering, manufacturing and construction software


BIM & Construction Solutions

Majenta Solutions Digital Construction and BIM Consultants provide support to various architectural, engineering and construction disciplines working towards and within Building Information Modelling (BIM) frameworks.

If you’re looking for consultancy, technical services or software, to help your organisation work within a BIM framework, Majenta Solutions have the expertise to help.



Digital Supplier Integration

Majenta Solutions have the expertise when it comes to data exchange and CAD integration for OEMS and other suppliers.

If you’re looking to effectively integrate your suppy network or share design data more effectively, Majenta Solutions have the in-house experts you can trust to meet your requirements.


Why you should partner with us

  • "I enjoyed the training and now I am working on live projects!"

    Anthony Burgess

    Jaguar Land Rover

  • "Technology is enabling us to pull together the product design and manufacturing design aspects of the business. The experts at Majenta Solutions went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers."

    Beatson Clark

  • "Majenta can take responsibility for ensuring that any data they send is downloaded without having to go through the CAD department. This saves the time and effort of CAD engineers and allows them to focus on their own tasks."

    Jamie Calleja

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

  • "We have had a close working relationship with Majenta for many years and fully rely on their knowledge, expertise and professionalism to support our busy CAD environment."

    Jason Diggle

    Application Support Analyst
    Wartsila Water Systems Ltd

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