For engineers needing to manipulate existing CAD data, there’s MX+

For OEMs and suppliers requiring bespoke design data manipulation we offer MX+. MX+ is a range of exclusive services that streamline global supplier integration and overcome barriers to sharing design data between companies using different CAD software. Our dedicated digital supplier integration experts provide individual solutions for leading OEMs and their supply chain, manually resolving the design data format issues that they encounter.

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PLUS OEM Integration

regardless of your CAD/PLM system, deliver fully compliant data to Ford C3PNG, Jaguar Land Rover Teamcenter, Jaguar Land Rover i-PLM & Nissan V3P/TCP3

PLUS CAD Translation

translation, validation, migration and management of your data

PLUS Data Quality Checking

data verification, repair and quality application

PLUS CAD Remastering

for new CAD systems including repairs and rebuilds of design data

PLUS Data Migration

including data analysis to assess any potential obstacles and migrating design data from native format to new

PLUS IDEAS to NX Migration

full TDM audit provides predictive reports about the effectiveness of data migration to TeamCenter

Why you should partner with us

  • "Majenta have extensive contacts and deep technical knowledge. We would never be able to match their level of expertise."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

  • "We have dealt with the Data Management team at Majenta for over 12 years now and in that time they have been highly professional with the service that they provide."

    Jamie Calleja

    Resident CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

  • "Majenta MX is extremely reliable and cost-effective and suits our business well. We’ve had very positive feedback from users."

    Stephen Hanson

    Engineering and Programme Director

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