Our various CAD Translation services are tailored to your exact needs

Our CAD Translation services, with unrivalled personal support, are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for one-off direct CAD to CAD data translation or bigger impacting CAD translation projects, our CAD Translation services can help you meet your objectives.

Is CAD in the wrong format making projects inefficient?

When working with other suppliers, OEMs or older CAD datasets, translating CAD data from one format to another can be very time-consuming. It’s this inefficiency which can have a wider impact on your resource and project delivery.

People and processes can slow projects, affecting project delivery. Software users and processes are built for a single software use. Challenges arise when different CAD data formats need to be leveraged within projects.

Our CAD Translation services can alleviate some of these challenges, streamlining processes and providing an extra resource to help deliver your project on time and to budget.

Learn how you can deliver projects on time and to budget with our CAD Translation services

Our CAD Translation services range from simple one-off CAD to CAD translations to process-driven data integration, including syntax and attribute manipulation, enabling seamless data flow for the most complex scenarios.

We also provide data validation and attribute checking services as well as CAD data quality checking and repair for situations where remodelling is not a viable option.

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We also provide data validation and attribute checking services as well as CAD quality checking and repair for situations where remodelling is not a viable option.

Our customers use our CAD Translation services in a variety of ways:

  • Sending or receiving one-off CAD packages in unsupported formats.
  • Seamlessly transfer CAD data between different PLM environments.
  • Translate incoming OEM Quotation (RFQ) data into locally readable CAD formats.
  • Transferring data attributes (metadata) from one CAD source to another.

Use of Elysium

CAD translation requirements can vary enormously from one-off ad-hoc requirements that need to be turned around quickly to needing the largest CAD structures available to a different CAD system as native data.

Elysium data translation technology enables Majenta Data Services to be able to provide flexible and comprehensive data translation solutions and services that will meet your needs.

If you cannot use an external service, perhaps for security reasons, you can purchase Elysium software from us and process your transactions in-house – there is an extensive variety of translators available covering the leading CAD systems.

Alternatively, you may wish to use our translation service and benefit from an established knowledge base acquired from a diverse range of small and very large data integration projects.

Your data translation requirement may be part of a larger workflow which could benefit from an innovative and thoughtful approach to the task. We would welcome the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge to make your next integration project a successful one.

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How can you benefit from our CAD Translation services?

Whether you’ve got a small requirement for some direct translation because you haven’t got the right in-house skills, or you need to work more efficiently within a supply chain environment, our CAD Translation services can add value to your projects and wider business.

We pride ourselves on getting to understand your requirements first before we offer a solution. Our CAD Translation services are one possible solution, especially working towards efficient and effective project delivery.

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