Embrace engineering improvements

There have been radical changes in the way products are designed, made, and used. This disruption has created an opportunity for modern mechanical engineers.

The right toolkit gives you the ability to innovate more quickly. In addition, you can meet consumer demands for customised products and get the product out the door faster. The understanding of how products are used boosts customer satisfaction and facilitates the next version of the design.

Why innovate your engineering processes with our CAE solutions?

Being an engineer, you’ll continually under pressure to innovate, whilst you search for enhanced design methods and manufacture products that will have a major impact on your market and industry sectors.

Myths about Innovation:

  • Innovation is big – The real measure of innovation: the impact innovation has on your team, company or the world.
  • Innovation is something new – Innovation can be new, but often it’s a significant improvement or contribution to an existing product.
  • You need to be first to the market – A good illustration might be Apple’s iPod. It was late to market for mp3 players. But their innovation was to create a simplified ecosystem, which helped revolutionise the music industry.

Getting innovation within engineering right gives you the ability to meet consumer demands quicker. Satisfying these demands have always been at the heart of all businesses. Engineering can play a pivotal role in delivering against business objectives, improving outcomes and providing a competitive advantage.

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Overcoming engineering challenges with the right CAE software

For most businesses, a major obstacle to innovation is time. It’s critical to understand the technology you need to streamline your workflow, so you can create the time needed to unlock innovation.

As you can imagine, there are numerous time-saving measures that can significantly impact multiple stages of your workflow. So, we’ve detailed some of the more common areas:

  • As you know, the world of engineering contains thousands of files. What you may not realise is how much time your business is wasting on managing them. Wasted time can come from searching, design reuse, approvals and duplicate files.
  • How much time do you spend on repetitive tasks in the design process? Chances are, there are ways to automate those tasks to save time.

If you’re still importing and translating files from other CAD systems, you’re wasting precious time and risking late deliverables. Did you know there is software that can open files from other CAD systems and use those models in your assemblies? The models even update when changes are made from the native CAD application.

  • Updating your hardware is arguably the easiest and fastest path toward winning back the time you can use for innovation. Why? Over the past seven years, the increase in performance for processors and graphics processing units has increased exponentially. They are not merely double or triple the speed. We’re talking about 50-100 times faster compared to 10 years ago!
  • Currently, engineers spend a whopping 30% of their time creating documentation for manufacturing. The crucial question for engineers to ask is whether it is necessary to create a separate 2D drawing document for every single part.
  • It used to be that creating and modifying complex model geometry was extremely difficult. Fast forward to today when the advancements in surface modelling have improved to the point where just about any shape can be created. And best of all, you no longer need an advanced level of knowledge.


Helping you create better engineering processes using CAE solutions

We’ve got a group of experienced consultants, most of whom have worked within industry across different market sectors.

Our well-established training Academy, offering courses in many software ranges and aligned to different business workflows, helps our clients maximise the use of their software, gain efficiencies and time savings. We can offer our breadth of knowledge within engineering automation, using templated files, configurators, standardised components and application development. Alongside our strong history with Data Management solutions and implementations.

Listening to our customers, along with delivering software, services, Dassault Systèmes application support and training, provides us with a unique position to help appreciate the pains you have as a business and help relate possible solutions to support you towards your goals and aspirations.

Success stories

Our people have enabled our customers to create better for decades. Keeping up with the latest technology and software and applying their expertise and industry experience, our team have ensured that our customers meet their objectives, overcome challenges and succeed.

Whether you’ve business objectives to meet, departmental challenges to overcome, or industry or regulatory changes that you must adapt to, our resident design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply integration experts continue to add value. We listen to your requirements, understand your business and what you’re looking to achieve, and work with you to provide a solution that’s right for you. Just ask our customers.

Take a look at our customer’s success stories to see how we’ve added value.

Why you should partner with us

  • "Majenta MX is extremely reliable and cost-effective and suits our business well. We’ve had very positive feedback from users."

    Stephen Hanson

    Engineering and Programme Director

  • "With Freeform we have really taken a step up into robot world."

    Simon Tayler

    Creative Director
    Artem Special Effects Ltd

  • "I was extremely pleased with the Majenta Academy training course."

    Sebastian Petrillo

  • "I would just like to send a big thank you to you and the team for a great couple of days on the VRED training, its been of great value to me."

    Saurabh Shah

    Ford Contractor

  • "We rely on Majenta Solutions because its team members have specialist expertise, for example they can convert design data from one CAD package to another. Our longstanding relationship means that we have no concern about giving the helpdesk a call, no matter how simple or complicated the problem is and we always get a prompt response. Majenta Solutions has a team of people with similar skills so support is both consistent and reliable."

    Wartsila Water Systems Ltd

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