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Majenta technical professionals are not only experts in design and engineering software, but perhaps, more importantly, they are experienced in industry best practices and procedures. This industry knowledge enables instructors to relate training exercises to relevant real-world applications, helping students more readily grasp new concepts and functions which in turn accelerates their learning.

The Majenta Academy offers a wide choice of courses, all of which can be delivered online, live by one of our certified trainers.

We offer a range of courses across our various business divisions:

Take a look at our upcoming courses in our Training Calendar.

What’s the Majenta Academy

  • Our Academy also works with students in education to provide them with an additional industry-recognised qualification and industry relevant experience.
  • Majenta actively works with University Technical Colleges (UTCs) – a new government scheme and this provides students with a direct link to our customers.
  • All trainers are experts in the software collections that we offer and are conversant with real-world application. Many have industry experience in leading European engineering firms.
  • All training courses use the latest software versions and up-to-date training collateral.

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A range of training courses and locations that make the Majenta Academy your perfect training destination

Our main Majenta Academy is based in our Coventry office and boasts superb training facilities, all are easily accessed via road and public transport.

Not only do we offer training in Coventry, we also have our Academy operate in Essex and London.

Don’t want to travel or want a more company-specific training course? We have a wide range of training courses that ensure you maximise the potential of your people.

Why you should partner with us

  • "Fantastic weeks training. Relaxed, comfortable learning environment. Instructor knowledgeable and willing to help. Training catered for all levels of skills."

    Daniel Willoughby

    CNC Programmer
    Meggitt Polymers and Composites

  • "Inventor Fundamentals was a very useful course, with great explanations from the instructor and enjoyable sessions."

    Etienne Teyssandier

    Dearman Engine Company Ltd

  • "Great course structure made all the more valuable by being taught using best practise methods from an experienced user. Good balance of demos and hands-on training."

    Krishan Parmar

    Triumph Design Ltd

  • "The graduates from Majenta Academy have been, and continue to be, a tremendous asset to the Nokia team."

    Lee Irvine

    Nokia Design

  • "I registered for Majenta’s Automotive Design Fundamentals course to improve my speed and efficiency when working in Autodesk Alias. The course was delivered enthusiastically and succeeded in helping me to develop a good work flow and maintain construction history. The clear introduction to Autodesk Showcase was also hugely beneficial. Although I originally attended the course in preparation for my final year at Coventry University, my improved knowledge of Alias also helped me in gaining a 12 month work placement at JCB. Thanks to Majenta I was able to put together a sample project for my JCB placement interview far quicker and to a higher level than I would have previously been able to."

    Louis Gospel

    Coventry University

  • "The workflow I learnt has helped me develop and visualise more complex designs and translates well into automotive products."

    Malcom Earle

    Swift Leisure Group

  • "I had been modelling in Alias for 2 years, but never quite found that cutting edge. In the first day of the course, Majenta completely changed the way I modelled in Alias, and by the end, the results were truly shocking. I have been armed with the tools to assist me produce and render 3D models at the highest level."

    Oluwasegun Akin-Olugbade

    SE Automotive Nigeria Ltd

  • "Having completed the Academy and combined what I learned with my exisiting knowledge of 3D design, I am confident I can excel."

    Paul Hamilton

    August Media

  • "An excellent course that is essential when it comes to learning Inventor."

    Ray Rowley


  • "Thank you for everything, including Majenta Solutions'  hospitality and especially for Nick's brilliant way of lecturing. I took the skills I needed  and more from the course."

    Rami El Ahmadieh

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