Invest Time in Your Team Now and Lead Greater Innovations in the Future.

As a senior manager of an engineering-led organisation, you understand how technical expertise can be leveraged to generate business-driving innovations.  

When planning for the future, you’ll naturally consider how to maintain robust communication between your various technical teams. In planning and in practice, this is vital to overcoming technical challenges on time and against a budget.  

Easier said than done. Due to industry shifts and the demand for more intelligent products, the threshold of resource expenditure required to innovate competitively has never been higher. And as targets become tougher, the margin for collaborative error and communication failure is shrinking dramatically. If there were ever siloes around your departments before, those are nothing compared to the disjointedness that unexpected world events can impose on your processes. Put simply – no-one can afford for things to slip through the cracks.  

Prepare for unforeseen challenges

But you can prepare for unforeseen challenges by building resilient collaboration into your workflows in advance. You can enable multichannel communication by bringing disparate departments and teams together to share data on a central, secure platform. And you can do this with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes. By recording communication and actions and presenting the data intuitively, the system saves time that would otherwise be spent collating data and following up interdepartmental communications 

With 3DEXPERIENCE the data your teams need to meet objectives will be ready and accessible. Experts, enablers and problem solvers across your business will work more closely together, satisfied that you have provided the time for them to concentrate on finding solutions. If things change, your business will already be equipped to collaborate in difficult circumstances, or on larger and more challenging projects. When you work on greater innovations in the future, you’ll already know from experience how modern specialists work together to deliver products on time.  

Connected by 3DEXPERIENCE, the teams that drive innovation can work more closely together to deliver competitive products against your budget. Invest your time now…and lead greater innovations in the future.   


View a case study with our customer Contechs to understand how adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helped them revolutionise their innovation and design the cars of the near future.








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