In February 2020 the New Land Rover Defender was launched by Jaguar Land Rover as the most versatile and mature product ever brought to market by the OEM. Significantly, this was the first vehicle programme to be developed by Jaguar Land Rover and suppliers using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform having played a significant role in maintaining delivery during 2020, Majenta and Dassault Systèmes held a virtual roundtable discussion to discover how the platform has enhanced engineering processes for suppliers. Chaired by John Kitchingman – Dassault Systèmes Northern Europe Managing Director – the event was an excellent opportunity to hear from XANDOR Automotive, Cooper Standard, and Contechs on their digitisation journey with the platform.  

After embracing 3DEXPERIENCE, multiple suppliers commented that design reviews were noticeably easier with 3DEXPERIENCE, and that their collaborative relationships with Jaguar Land Rover had improved since adoption. 

Recorded below are some of the key observations from Jaguar Land Rover suppliers about their 3DEXPERIENCE adoption journey. 


Key findings for XANDOR Automotive

REPRESENTED BY: Andy Blemings – Senior Design and Development Manager 

XANDOR Automotive is a specialist supplier for plastic injection moulded components and fluid conveyance products for premium light vehicles. In the early stages of 3DEXPERIENCE adoption, XANDOR are already experiencing and anticipating marked benefits. 

XANDOR Automotive foresee great potential from the Cloud version of 3DEXPERIENCE, which they expect will enable valuable expandability, allowing people and partners to be added to the system more fluidly than an on-premise solution would allow. This is a benefit in addition to freedom from maintaining on-premise IT hardware.  

Design reviews at XANDOR Automotive have been improved by 3DEXPERIENCE. Andy Blemings notes that video design reviews supported by 3DEXPERIENCE are almost as good as being in the room with the client. The ability to share CAD data, annotate, sketch and ‘flip between people’ with collaborative tools has enabled productive remote working for XANDOR, and supported the product development process.  


Key findings for Cooper Standard

REPRESENTED BY: Satish Mistry – Senior Manager for Engineering 

Cooper Standard is a leading global supplier of systems and components including sealing, fuel and brake delivery, and fluid transfer systems for the automotive industry.  

Cooper Standard are impressed by the suitability of 3DEXPERIENCE to remote working, having noticed the speed at which 3DEXPERIENCE functions on home networks, allowing teams to be more agile during and beyond the current climate.  

An improved relationship with Jaguar Land Rover has been a key benefit of 3DEXPERIENCE deployment for Cooper Standard. In operational terms, they have already seen their engineers working more closely with Jaguar Land Rover engineers, and the platform has made it easier to share data with Jaguar Land Rover. Satish Mistry notes that anything that improves communication and collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover is the natural next step for companies in the industry to take, as this positions suppliers ‘at the start line’ for future projects. Cooper Standard were pleased to work on the New Land Rover Defender. 


Key findings for Contechs 

REPRESENTED BY: Peter Jarvis – Managing Director 

Contechs is a leading provider of specialist design and engineering services to OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the automotive sector.

The virtual collaborative capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform have been vital to Contechsallowing the business to reach hard milestone engineering deliverables, and also maintain delivery during the COVID period. Contechs have been able to increase transparency, and work back to back with OEMs even while staff were working from home locations. Peter Jarvis reflects that Contechs could not have delivered this level of service prior to adopting 3DEXPERIENCE. 

Significant time and cost savings across engineering processes have been enjoyed by Contechs as a result of adopting 3DEXPERIENCEBy embracing the platform Contechs have implemented time-compression techniques to increase efficiency across multiple sites, allowing a focussed process orientated approach. By making use of manufacturing simulation, Contechs are able to virtualise earlier in the product development cycle, creating savings for themselves and clients. 


Experience the full JLR 3DEXPERIENCE roundtable discussion 

Access an on-demand recording to learn more about the suppliers’ 3DEXPERIENCE adoption journey. Notable talking points from the full discussion include: 

  • Howhaspandemic has affected digital transformation plans for the attendees? 
  • Why is it important for suppliers to align with Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and digital transformation?
  • What benefits haveJaguar Land Rover suppliers experienced from 3DEXPERIENCE so far, and what benefits do they anticipate as the current period continues? 
  • Key drivers for and effects of adopting  3DEXPERIENCE for each supplier.



How could 3DEXPERIENCE improve your relationship with automotive OEMs? 

You are invited to a Majenta-run ‘Day in the Life’ session for a tailored walkthrough of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s digital engineering capability for working with Jaguar Land Rover. No matter how large or small your supplier organisation, aligning with OEM digital strategies and tools is a reliable way to improve your own operations and get sourced on more prestigious projects. 

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