In this video, Manish Amlani, Director at Majenta, discusses how important it is for companies to continue adapting in order to survive.

“It’s really important that we recognise that every, single company, no matter how big or small, needs to keep adapting and understanding what the world is doing.”

Past success does not ensure future success

  • Kodak,
  • Nokia,
  • Blackberry,
  • Block Buster
  • and Sony Walkman

All of these companies were once industry leaders in their space. But, where are they now? Somewhere along the line, they missed something.


Disruption is everywhere

“Netflix came about because, people used to dislike paying late fees. They were very in touch with the market and they realised in the in early days for them that, people go to blockbuster or another video rental place in your high street or in your local Village and they didn’t like paying late fees. So, Nexflix’s original differentiator was, we will send you in the post your DVD and you can return it when you like and that’s how they started but then they adapted, they listen to what the market was. They looked at the technology that was available and they effectively started using streaming and now you know, everyone knows who Netflix is.”

How is this relevant to SMEs?

“I’m sitting here thinking to myself. ‘Okay, there’s people in this room from large companies, global companies. There’s also people in this room from smes’ and you say ‘Okay Manish, that’s great, but we’re not a Dyson, we’re not a Samsung, is this all really relevant to us?’ and my answer to that is, it’s relevant to all of us. Absolutely, every single company that’s out there that deals in business-to-business and business-to-consumer.”

How has Majenta continued to grow throughout this change?

“For Majenta to survive another 22 years, we’re going to have to keep adapting. And, the reason I think we survived the last 22 years, is we’ve kept adapting.”

How can Majenta support other companies looking to adapt to the ever-changing market?

Industries are being disrupted, whether that’s through advancing and emerging technology, updates to legislation and regulations, or you simply want to gain a competitive advantage through adopting digital strategies. At Majenta, we partner with you, enabling you to embrace and overcome industry challenges.

Whether you work in the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction or Manufacturing industries, our team can help you and your company plan for the future and the sustainability and continuity of your business.

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Supplier Readiness Assessment

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