Deploying a PLM system can be complex and time-consuming. However, the actual implementation of achieving a working system is only part of a deployment project.

Understanding how a PLM system is to be used day-to-day is an essential part of any PLM deployment and is often forgotten or only partially done.  Often a PLM system is deployed by a requirements checklist being met without the understanding of how the system will be used in practice.  This results in the poor adoption of PLM and users try to avoid using the new system.

At Majenta Solutions we are aware of the difficulties that can be encountered during the deployment of a new PLM system and the pitfalls that companies can fall into.  To help facilitate the successful deployment of a PLM system, we provide PLM Enablement services.  These services are made up of some different activities:

  • Discovery of current processes and methods
  • Process Mapping
  • Best Practice Methodology Creation
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Script Creation
  • UAT Support
  • Training
  • Post Training Support

Our PLM Enablement services always start with our consultants spending time with a customer’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand existing processes and methods.  Before we can suggest how best to use a toolset we need to know what is trying to be achieved.  Depending on the size of a company and the complexity of processes and methods this may take several days. From this activity, we can then determine what further PLM Enablement services are needed.

Once we understand the current state of processes and methods, mapping existing processes to a new PLM system being deployed is normally the first step.  While our consultants do this, we may also suggest changes to processes based on best practices and experience. Following the mapping of the processes to the new system, our consultants will develop methodologies of how to use the new PLM system in the context of the processes that have been mapped.  During this activity, our consultants may suggest configuring (not customising – this is always Majenta Solutions’ last option) the PLM system so that the system works in an optimum way for the customer.  Typical configurations are the introduction of attributes that are used by downstream applications or the introduction of customer numbering system etc.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is an essential part of any deployment, and a successful UAT is critical to ensure acceptance by users.  Part of our PLM Enablement service is to generate UAT scripts based upon a customer’s methods and processes and ensuring they are clear, simple and have defined success criteria.  Majenta Solutions’ consultants can also support UAT activities, ensuring that the results are captured and fed-back, so that changes can be made to applicable processes, methods and training.

Appropriate training, delivered by an experienced trainer who can relate to the students with real-life examples is necessary so that students fully understand the new toolsets and that the lag time (i.e. the time between training and a student being fully productive) is kept to a minimum.  Majenta Solutions can offer standard training or bespoke training using a customer’s methods and processes. After training, there will be a lag in productivity as the users begin to use the new software.  To reduce this lag time, Majenta Solutions will provide consultants for post-training, at-elbow-support so that users quickly become proficient using the new toolset.


For more information on how Majenta Solutions can support you, please use the contact details below and we’d be more than happy to help:

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Chris Stock is the Technical Manager at Majenta Solutions for Dassault Systèmes. Chris is experienced in the

use and deployment of a number of PLM systems, as an Engineering Designer and a PLM Consultant. Experienced across

the Dassault Systèmes portfolio, Chris is able to support all of our Dassault Systèmes customers with their specific


You can contact Chirs directly through LinkedIn 

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