Majenta enables start-up ITECH-DESIGN Ltd with ICEM Surf Professional

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    Specialised automotive design and engineering integrator, delivering complete Vehicle Interior and Exterior Class A Surfaces from initial concept phase to final production.
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    Automotive, Product Design

“2020 what a year, as the COVID crisis hit, we were forced to think outside the box and explore new markets outside Automotive. With a prompt and attractive proposition from Majenta, ITECH-DESIGN were able to secure ICEM Surf and rapidly generate several creative ideas to develop products meeting today’s need.”

Prabjot Bambra, Director at ITECH-DESIGN Ltd.

Customer Challenge

ITECH-DESIGN Ltd was set up at the peak of the COVID pandemic’s disruption of the automotive industry. As a new business with no guarantee of work from automotive clients, ITECH needed to be commercially attractive to a wider client-base and apply expertise to new challenges such as prototype masks to survive pandemic uncertainty.

The Majenta Solution

Solution: ICEM Surf Professional

Following a strong word of mouth recommendation, ITECH contacted Majenta, who are capable of supporting businesses from start-ups to OEMs. As well as supplying the software the business needed, Majenta’s helpdesk personally talked ITECH staff through the process to get the solution operational within 24 hours of ITECH receiving the licence.

Business Impact

ITECH-DESIGN was swiftly equipped with the software it needed to swiftly diversify into new sectors in a business climate which made adaptation the key to business continuity. Majenta’s ability to scale enabled the stress-free setup of the enterprise-grade surface modelling solution. ITECH is now equipped to apply its staff’s extensive experience of class A surface design to existing industry needs as well as pressing pandemic-generated needs.

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