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We’ve got an unrivalled track record in delivering exclusive training courses, new content, and the latest industry topics, through the Majenta Academy.

We aim to empower those that attend our training courses, ensuring that knowledge gained, really adds value.

Create better designs, engineering process and manufacturing plans after our training

Whether your a software user or a CEO, training provides a dedicated time for us to learn new skills and develop talent.

Our course leaders understand just how essential learning is to their personal and professional development. When they’re not empowering others in training, they’ll be absorbing the latest news, trends, software, and industry best practice to deliver in their training course content.

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The Majenta Academy

The Majenta Academy provides software training and certifications for Dassault Systèmes products, as well as BIM and COBie consultancy and training.

Software training is available for multiple industries and disciplines and is delivered by our Dassault Systèmes certified professional instructors conversant with the latest enhancements and capabilities of the software.

Everyone who attends a Majenta training course, through the Majenta Academy, can expect the highest levels of training and support, to ensure you to get the most from your software.

Why choose us?

First and foremost we’re technical professionals, we’re not only experts in software, but perhaps more importantly, we’re experienced in industry best practise and procedures. This industry knowledge enables us to relate training exercises to real-world applications, helping everyone who attends our training courses readily grasp new concepts and functions and in turn, accelerate their learning.

Our approach to training is based on an open, engaging, inclusive environment. Interactive learning is actively encouraged through the use of multimedia, whiteboard explanations and open debate to further speed learning and retain attention

The Majenta Academy offers a wide choice of courses from scheduled classroom to on-demand and bespoke training. All are available at various locations throughout the UK, including our Majenta Academy Centres, or at your own premises – we’ll work to suit your requirements.

Training courses can be held in person at our main Majenta Academy Centre, which is conveniently located in Coventry within easy access of all of the major road and rail networks.

All attendees will find our modern, state-of-the-art training facilities and welcoming team conducive to effective, enjoyable learning. You’ll also benefit from using powerful hardware and the latest versions of software and training material.

Our courses are entirely scalable and cover fundamentals training for new users through to advanced courses for experienced users. Training Courses span a comprehensive range of disciplines making them suitable for anyone wishing to learn a new product or broaden and deepen existing skills to increase efficiency.

Types of Training

More Info
More Info
More Info
What?Pre-prepared coursesFull suite of coursesOne-off specials
Where?Majenta Academy Centres in Coventry, Brentwood or LondonMajenta Academy Centres or Customer siteMajenta Academy Centres or Customer site
When?Various Courses Throughout the YearAgreed with CustomerAgreed with Customer
Manuals Included?
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Scheduled training offers a comprehensive choice of classroom courses covering a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Training courses are available in all aspects of the digital prototyping workflow, from concept design, 2D and 3D mechanical and electrical design, to simulation, visualisation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Scheduled training courses are also entirely scalable and cater for all levels of experience, from new and novice users to advanced users.

Scheduled training courses operate on a continual basis throughout the year providing a rapid learning path for increased productivity.

Non-scheduled training provides access to the entire suite of Majenta Solutions Academy courses, delivered specifically for you at a time and location to suite your requirements.

Non-scheduled caters for those companies wanting increased flexibility or to train larger numbers of users cost-effectively.

All Non-scheduled training courses are accredited and students receive a certificate on completion.

Majenta tailored training courses are created specifically to meet your business requirements. Tailored training covers a wide range of industry products or topics, and is usually commissioned with a particular goal or objective in mind.

To produce a bespoke course, Majenta work closely with key business stakeholders to determine your requirements. Based on these findings, we create value-added training material aligned to your needs.

Tailored training content can range from hands-on best practice workflow training to capturing and optimising internal procedures to train the wider business, or even delivering show‘n’tell presentations to large audiences providing update training, or to raise awareness of the latest software enhancements.

All Tailored training courses are accredited and students receive a certificate on completion.

A Training Program provides a unique combination of training and consultancy tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Training programs are designed to provide customers increased flexibility and deliver a rapid ramp up to productivity in the shortest possible timeframe.

Training programs can include scheduled, on-demand or bespoke training courses and are typically supported with on-site consultancy to help accelerate learning using real-world scenarios. To produce a Training Program, Majenta Solutions works closely with key business stakeholders to determine your requirements. Based on these findings, we create a Training Program that not only addresses your needs but importantly, is tailored to be delivered around your existing business projects and commitments.

All training courses delivered through a Training Program are accredited and students receive a certificate on completion.

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