This Nissan Supplier Advanced course will give you an overview and practical knowledge required to comply with various Nissan standards and procedures.

Course Structure

The Nissan Supplier Advanced Course is broken down into the following modules:

Module 1

  • Adding Users and Roles to the Nissan Global Directory
  • Digital Certificates
  • Types of DD Mail
  • How to Maintain Distribution Tables
  • Paperless CAD Process
  • Adding Weight Attributes
  • Accessing ANPQP Documents
  • B2B & PAM (Portal Access Management)

Module 2

  • Responding to a Spec Tender
  • Accepting a Spec Tender
  • Changing the Due Date on a Spec Tender
  • Creating a PDS against a Spec Tender
  • Submitting a PDS via TC-Passion
  • Submitting a PDS for Data Notes ONLY via TC-Passion
  • Submitting Study Proposal Data
  • Submitting Supplier Proposal Data
  • Downloading Spec Tender Data/Design Release Data via TC-Passion

Module 3

  • Design Change Process
  • How to access Design Notes
  • How to access Design Note List
  • Accessing Design Change Screens
  • How to search Design Notes by Status
  • Understanding the Design Change Screens
  • How to Understand P-Note
  • How to make Adoption Reply

How will this course improve your relationship with Nissan?

  • Enable seamless integration with Nissan
  • Reduce issues and delays when it comes to delivering data to Nissan
  • Meet strict project timings set by Nissan on time
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