Course Type:
Andy Syms or Lorraine Hawkey

Who is this course for?

Designers, Engineers and Project Managers that Supply CAD Data to Nissan.

Course Objective:

This course will give you an overview and practical knowledge required to comply with various Nissan standards and procedures.

How will this course improve your relationship with Nissan?

– Enable seamless integration with Nissan
– Reduce issues and delays when it comes to delivering data to Nissan
– Meet strict project timings set by Nissan on time

Module 1

  • Adding Users and Roles to the Nissan Global Directory
  • Digital Certificates
  • Types of DD Mail
  • How to Maintain Distribution Tables
  • Paperless CAD Process
  • Adding Weight Attributes
  • Accessing ANPQP Documents
  • B2B & PAM (Portal Access Management)

Module 2

  • Responding to a Spec Tender
  • Accepting a Spec Tender
  • Changing the Due Date on a Spec Tender
  • Creating a PDS against a Spec Tender
  • Submitting a PDS via TC-Passion
  • Submitting a PDS for Data Notes ONLY via TC-Passion
  • Submitting Study Proposal Data
  • Submitting Supplier Proposal Data
  • Downloading Spec Tender Data/Design Release Data via TC-Passion

Module 3

  • Design Change Process
  • How to access Design Notes
  • How to access Design Note List
  • Accessing Design Change Screens
  • How to search Design Notes by Status
  • Understanding the Design Change Screens
  • How to Understand P-Note
  • How to make Adoption Reply
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