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At Majenta Solutions along with the leading services we provide around training, deployment and customer support, we also deliver Business Consultancy services.  Business Consultancy can mean a lot of different things to different people, at Majenta Solutions the services we offer are based around solutions that help our customers to transform their businesses.  As such we have a number of areas we can assist and support our customers with, these include:

Business Excellence Process:

At Majenta Solutions we have used our years of experience to develop the Business Excellence Process, this is a proven approach that includes a set of tools we have developed to help ensure the solutions offered are right for our customers, along with demonstrating the value and benefits that can be found from their deployment.


This process starts by understanding the maturity of a customer’s processes, along with what the future state may look like, 17 Foundation Elements are reviewed to understand the areas of priority of any potential deployment.  We can also quickly provide an estimate of the costs involved including deployment costs and what the ROI (Return-On-Investment) could be.  The ROI tool can be part of a BVA (Business Value Assessment) or as an individual activity.  The process will deliver reports along the way along with a roadmap for our customers to follow.

PLM Strategy Consulting:

Majenta Solutions can also help companies define their PLM strategies.  This is generally a more detailed activity than the Business Excellence Process.

PLM Strategy Consulting includes a number of key areas:

  • It begins with Majenta Solutions’ Consultants capturing a customers’ Business Requirements, this will include the business needs and objectives, and will include industry drivers and regulations if applicable.
  • A customers current Processes will be assessed along with their desired state and how these could be address with a new solution.
  • The current Architecture and Infrastructure will needed to be reviewed to determine if any proposed solution can be implemented with or without the need for additional investment.
  • Current Organisation Structures and Peoples Skills‘ will be reviewed to determine what level of training and support will be required during a deployment of a new solution so that the adoption of any new toolset is accepted.
  • Potential Solutions can be Benchmarked to determine the best solution for our clients, this will be in terms of meeting the set Business Requirements and determining the costs, capabilities and implementation requirements of each solutions.
  • The Value of any proposed solution that will be delivered from a deployment will be identified.
  • A Roadmap showing the implementation phases will be provided as part of the process.
  • The Majenta Solutions’ Consultants involved in the process will also deliver a Business Case to help justify and benefit of a proposed solution to be implemented.


PLM Toolset Selection:

At Majenta Solutions we have Consultants that are experienced in evaluating and helping our customers select the best PLM solution that meets their needs.  The selection of a PLM tool will include:

  • Comparing tools against a customer’s Business Requirements
  • Understanding each toolsets Architecture and Infrastructure Requirements
  • Comparing the functionality of each tool
  • Establishing the time frame for deployment of each tool
  • Establishing the investment need for each tool
  • Detailing out the administration overhead of each tool
  • Describing the ease of use and potential adoption of each tool
  • The ROI (Return-On-Investment) tool (from the Business Excellence Process) can also be used to assist with the selection

Our Consultants are knowledgeable on a number of different PLM systems so the selection process can be less dependent on software vendors.


Discovery Audits:

Our customers often ask for assistance in particular areas.  Often an independent point of view is required, these are often but not limited to specific areas.  For example we have delivered audits on security, release and change management processes, product data management and integration along with general discovery audits on current PDM and PLM systems.

These audits generally include interviews of key staff in different departments along with demonstrations and reviews of current practices to establish the current state of affairs.  A report is then written and if required recommendations are provided.


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