Earlier this year we spent some time down in Clerkenwell with Icons of Denmark to discuss the successful partnership we’ve created and our journey together so far. Here, our Digital Account Manager Sam Lissaman is explaining how this journey first began, what we have achieved together, what the future of our partnership looks like as well as advice for companies who are looking to make the transition to digital construction. 

What Makes Icons of Denmark Stand out?

“What makes Icons of Denmark stand out is when I work with manufacturers a lot of them are moving to digital construction and embracing BIM to tick a box. Whereas Icons of Denmark are actually embedding it as part of an innovative process and part of their day to day standard work.”

“Also, it’s a fun brand and a nice place to be. it’s a nice environment and I love the family ethos around the team. So, whenever I spend time down here or any of my colleagues have come here to spend time with them, they’ve also felt part of the team as well. And if we’re all working towards common goals and we all feel comfortable and confident around each other we’re going to work really well.”


How did Majenta’s journey with Icons of Denmark begin?

“As you know we’re BIMobject’s UK partner so any manufacturer who wants to put content onto the BIMobject platform whether it just be facilitating the relationship or actively supporting them with their transition, Majenta will be involved. It was through the BIMobject partnership that we initially had contact with icons of Denmark and Jesper. And that’s where it started.”

What is it that Majenta has supported Icons of Denmark with throughout this journey?

  • Initial Consultation to better understand Icons of Denmark’s requirements.
  • Work with Icons of Denmark to decide whether they have the capacity to build their BIM Library in-house or whether this would need to be outsourced to Majenta.
  • We worked with Icons of Denmark to prioritise which of their products are most suited to their specified market. Icons of Denmark opted to do all of their products whereas other companies may prefer a prioritised, phased approach.
  • We then built the Revit and IFC files required for the products.
  • Once all the product files had been created, it was time to get their library uploaded onto the BIMobject platform.


What’s the benefit of Majenta creating content for customers like Icons over them creating it themselves?

First things first it’s down to resource. Businesses are busy and having the time and resource to allocate someone learning a whole new program can be difficult, especially if your current in house design processes don’t include Revit. Then, there is also the cost of the software itself as well as the training.”

“Although we create content for people it’s really important to remember that it’s a collaboration between the manufacturer and Majenta. Nobody knows their products better than the manufacturer themselves whereas Majenta can assist with the information required to make sure that they conform to Level 2 standards and also that they’re ticking the boxes of specifiers.”


What have we helped Icons of Denmark to achieve?

I think one of the main things we’ve helped to Icons of Denmark to achieve is developing, evolving and maturing their digital presence.”


What has being on the BIMobject platform given to Icons of Denmark?

Being on the BIMobject platform not just for Icons but for any manufacturer gives them business intelligence. BIMobject gives manufacturer access to valuable analytical data that enables them to see who is downloading their products .”

“With this data, they develop an interaction with their content into a tangible business opportunity and start to see return on their investment.”


What would you say to any Building Product Manufacturers who are not yet embracing BIM?

“My worry is that you’re going to get left behind if you don’t embrace the move to digital construction. I think it’s really important as well that you establish what you want to provide to your customers.”


What is it about Majenta that enables us to help companies like Icons of Denmark with their transition to Digital Construction?

“What’s special about Majenta is our ability to be fluid with each company that we work with. We’re quite lucky as we have a wealth of experience in different industry sectors which allows us to cross-pollinate the good practises of each and apply them to construction”

“Similarly when working with manufacturers, we can understand their current processes and think how we can align a BIM strategy with them as a pose to recreating in the wheel or having it as a separate entity.”

What does the future look like for Icons of Denmark and Majenta?

“I think the future for Icons of Denmark and Majenta looks really exciting. Whilst we’re continuing to develop their BIM library (we’re now in their third phase of objects), we’re also supporting them with a number of high profile events throughout 2019”


Are there any other ways in which Majenta are looking to support Icons of Denmark?

“We’re always looking to introduce Icons to new technology to maintain momentum with their innovation. We’re now using a Matterport Scanner to create a digital twin of their showroom that people can access anywhere anytime”

“We’re also going to be looking at how we can create native file formats for their BIM Objects. As Icons of Denmark have opened a Nordic office, we think it’s important we create native file types to be as intuitive and as user-friendly as possible.” To do this we’re going to use BIMscript which is a tool developed by BIMobject that allows users to generate native files through one transaction


What can other companies like Icons of Denmark learn from the Icons and Majenta journey?

“Don’t be scared of embracing new technology!”

“Icons of Denmark had two products in the top most downloaded products for two weeks running across the platform consisting of 1.1 Million active users. So, although they weren’t a construction-based company, they’ve embraced the change and are seeing great results!”

“Speak to your customers! Effectively you’re creating this content to satisfy their demand. So talk to them, understand what information is important to them and then you can go and develop your designs with their needs in mind.”


Sam Lissaman, Digital Construction Account Manager.

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