Majenta are constantly looking at new ways to enhance the end-user experience, and also ensure we’re providing a secure environment to move data. Some of the latest updates to MX have been driven by user feedback (check file attachment, file blacklisting, non-standard character display), others because they simply allow everyone to work more efficiently. MX enhancements relate to the file transfer system, MX+ enhancements relate to our service workflow capability.

What updates have been added?

  • Checklist of files that you have attached
  • New Users can now be sent data immediately
  • Blacklist certain file types
  • Large File Reporting
  • Multilanguage Character is now supported and searchable
  • Export list of all the users
  • Built-in Help Page
  • Admin Users are now all easily visible
  • Create and Share User (only applicable on Distribution)
  • Approval of File Sharing

Checklist of files that you have attached (MX)

When attaching multiple files, it is now possible to double-check what you have selected prior to clicking upload. If you missed a file, go back and add it to your selection before hitting send. It’s still possible to prevent access to data after it has been uploaded, by using the revoke capability.

Key benefit: You can now get confirmation that you have selected the correct files to send, helpful when you are sending multiple files.


New users can now be sent data immediately (MX)

Previously, new users would not be visible on the address book until they had set their password. We’ve removed this step due to customer feedback and users now appear on the ‘Pending Users’ page. They must still create their account before they can download data.

Previously, an invite would be sent immediately, but a delay in the new user completing their account meant a potential sender of data could not send data and would have to keep an eye on the address book for the new user.

You can now set up the new user and send them data immediately afterwards.


Blacklist certain file extensions (MX & MX+)

If for example, you want to block ‘.exe’ files to minimise the chance of viruses being shared, simply ask one of your administrators. This functionality can also be used to block legitimate file types which are simply not compatible with your business processes. Your account administrator can state the files types that they do not want to receive, only allowing the permitted file types to be sent.


Large File Reporting (MX & MX+)

A significant benefit of MX and MX+ over their competitors has been the wealth of information that we capture relating to the data and the people involved. In this release we have added more information (file size) and a new delivery mechanism, to enable very large reports to be generated offline, once the report has been generated, a link will be emailed to you. We can now run reports for your large transactions as an export so that you can report on the data’s uptake for example when you are sending something to all your network, especially if it’s large like a software upgrade.

This update shows a particular benefit to those who have been using MX / MX+ for longer, this is because they tend to have more to report on. For example, these reports can be run for a year period, or for the time of a programme or project.


Multilanguage Character Support (MX *MX+)

As the reach of MX and MX+ has increased, we have ensured that more languages characters are now recognised as standard characters, so that data sent in 61 different languages can be received as it is sent. For example, if the file name is sent in Mandarin Chinese, MX will pick up all the letters and characters that the languages use as user names, filenames, comments. You can also search for using these characters in the Activity page.


Export list of all the users (MX)

Another customer request has been to have greater control over the display of lists of names on the address book, but also to have the ability to export this list. You can now export and analyse how your network is using MX by exporting usernames and the last time they logged in. This update will support you with better account and user management. You can then promote and demote any users as you feel necessary.

Built-in Help Page (MX)

A searchable knowledge base now exists both inside the MX chat tool and as a standalone website. Get instant answers to the most common questions around using the MX platform or troubleshooting any issues. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, the chat functionality is still available for you to ask questions to Majenta directly. Depending on your customer, they may have shared some documentation with you on this platform already.

Admin Users are now all easily visible (MX)

This update allows you to quickly check who your administrators are for help with adding, removing and modifying MX accounts as well as allowing you to check who your supervisors are, for help with viewing MX activity across your team or managing.

Create and Share User (only applicable on MX Distribution)

You can now use the CSV import tool to add your users, but also share a Distribution with them at the same time, or even add them to a favourites group to enable sharing of data.

Approval of File Sharing (MX+)

Our new update enables you to send sensitive data and provide an approval mechanism in MX+. This allows you to create the upload, but the data will not be delivered until an admin user has logged in and approved the data.

That’s all, for now, folks, but keep we’re always looking to improve our platforms and services so keep an eye out for new updates!


How do I start my free MX trial?

To start your free MX trial, please fill out the form on this page, and a member of our MX team will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 01277 266 966.


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