Transformation in Digital Manufacturing

There’s a manufacturing revolution about to start with the focus on digital and data. Some organisations are embracing the revolution, others are considering the impact and perceived costs.

Here at Majenta Solutions we’ve been working with manufacturers, allowing them to see the benefit of moving to a more agile and robust manufacturing environment. Our Digital Manufacturing Review gives us the opportunity to listen to their challenges and their aspirations, partnering with them to create a plan that ensures objectives are met.

Data is everything

Explaining to our customers the specific benefits of data is easy and we can do just that through our Digital Manufacturing Review.

Our Digital Manufacturing Review is designed to evaluate your current capabilities versus your potential in delivering a productive and profitable product within a cost-effective and flexible manufacturing environment.

What makes us different is that we lead and listen. Unlike other digital manufacturing ‘experts’, Majenta Solutions take a consultative approach, with the first step being one of discovery.

So if you want to find out how we can help your business achieve its digital goals, please contact our expert Consultants.

Digital Manufacturing Review

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What is Digital Manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing is utilising a single digital and data source across the entire supply chain. This single source approach will connect all perceived stages of the product lifecycle, from design through to product use and back again.

Applying this digital manufacturing process doesn’t just benefit product development, it can also optimise factory design and layout. The use of data is vital, whether that comes from connected products (Internet of Things) or customer experience data, the data can be deployed in many ways to drive additional value.

Digital Manufacturing Considerations

Your processes, products or factory layout is only ever going to be as good as what data you put into it. From the designers and supply chain to real-time product information and customer experience, data is everywhere and it’s vital that it’s used to improve your business value.

Having access to the data you need at the time you need it, regardless of where you are, allows you to make quicker and better decisions. Cloud is the future and can be more secure than traditional on-premise solutions. Majenta Solutions can walk you through the benefits of Cloud.

How products are manufactured is also changing. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies are now making their mark within manufacturers of all shapes and sizes.


Virtual Reality (VR), replicates an environment that simulates physical presence into an environment and lets the user interact in that world. By creating sensory experiences, which can include sight, hearing, touch, and smell, Virtual Reality now plays an important role in the design process and wider digital manufacturing.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of virtual elements with real-world objects to create a hybrid experience.
With AR, the real-world is augmented by virtual objects/elements for a variety of purposes, including within digital manufacturing.

The best way to consider the impact of consumer demand within digital manufacturing is that we are all consumers. We demand so much more from the brands we align with, the products we use and the environments we visit. Consumers now want access to products quicker. Customisation is important, together with being connected, and having access to channel to feedback our experiences (good, bad or indifferent). All these are now a priority for most consumers.

As a manufacturer, you must adapt quickly to these changes.

Supporting Future Digital Manufacturers

With wide ranging services from content creation to CAD management, Majenta Solutions are ideally placed to offer service-led solutions that support you on your digital manufacturing journey.

To discover how you can benefit from our digital manufacturing services, book a Digital Manufacturing Review with us.

Our Manufacturing Consultants add value to some of the world’s biggest and best organisations. It is this experience that manufacturers, of all shapes and sizes, really benefit from.

To understand your business better, we recommend undertaking a Digital Manufacturing Review. From design process analysis to data management, Majenta Solutions will support you with tailored and targeted consultation.

We’re proud to work alongside Dassault Systemes to bring you the very latest ‘digital manufacturing ready’ software.

Work in the Cloud, create a Digital Twin and harness data from a variety of different sources, all integrated into your manufacturing environment.


View Dassault Systemes Software

Our aim is to ensure that you reap the rewards of working, producing and delivering within a digital manufacturing environment. Part of our role is to ensure that your departments and teams are trained to the highest standards on the software that you use.

Part of our Digital Manufacturing Review will identify training requirements within your business, both on software and understanding digital manufacturing processes.

Digital Manufacturing Consultants

Move to a digital manufacturing methodology and start reaping the rewards. Talk to one of our Manufacturing Consultants today.

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