We recently conducted a survey to help us understand how you are all using MX Data Exchange. From the survey it was very clear that the most popular features of MX included it’s capability to handle any file size, being simple to use, and super-fast, but there were features such as one-click audit logs and file-type blacklists that are almost completely unknown.

These unknown features, of which there were many, can add significant value and a higher level of security to your data exchange policy. You can discover these, along with a demonstration of how simple and easy to use the user interface is, in our MX Immersion Session video.

This immersion session will give you and your colleagues a greater insight as to how other companies are using MX, and this knowledge may assist your company in considering subscribing to the MX tool for its own Data Exchange requirements.

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• Why MX ?

• Inviting / managing users

• Sending data

• Reviewing past activity & locking data

• Longer-term sharing (Distribution)

• Admin controls

• Intro to MX+

Key Takeaways

  • Super-fast, unlimited data exchange
  • No need to switch between tools when transferring data internally and externally
  • Lock a file if you send it to the wrong contact
  • Secure, encrypted transfer
  • No software installation


Find out more about MX Data Exchange

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If you would like to discuss adopting MX Data Exchange throughout your organisation, please get in touch with the team.

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