As a team leader at a company working closely with OEMs, you inspire talented people to apply their skills, collaborate, and develop their careers. However, that’s only part of it. You must also enforce productive and compliant handling of a key resource – company data.  

You need to ensure that data from CAD to RFQ is shared in a standardised way that prevents disorganisation and meets your company’s requirements. To make things harder, this has to be done without restricting your team’s ability to share crucial data, and without giving in to the morale-killer of micromanagement.

Ensuring that data is sent to the right people, in the right format, and with appropriate security can quickly become complicated when data sharing is frequent and high-volume. Every colleague has their own way of working, and the many options within file-share solutions such as email and FTP allow a lot of room for non-compliant transfers. When multiple solutions are in use, complexity and lack of clarity become barriers to compliant data exchange. Without standardisation, managing proper handling of business-critical data can become an admin-heavy extra responsibility.

MX Data Exchange can help you standardise your data exchange for fewer mistakes and enhanced data control. MX may already be in use within your organisation as a way of receiving data from OEMs…but did you know that the platform can scale to companies of any size? MX is secure-by-design, with a careful balance between functionality and simplicity to reduce opportunities for human error. Features such as company-wide file-type blacklists, and revokable transactions further reduce mistakes, while custom distribution groups prevent key staff from missing important data.

With MX use expanded to be larger part of your data exchange policy, you will ensure that data consistently and securely reaches the right people in the right format, because these things are built in. Users will benefit from ultra-fast data exchange, sharing technical and business data more efficiently and meeting company data requirements by default from within a clean unambiguous interface. With fewer mistakes, you will spend less time on compliance admin, and more time collaborating with your team.

With wider use of MX for your data exchange needs, you can collaborate with your team around business-driving data which is easier to share, with a tool that users have rated 9.5 out of 10. Say goodbye to micromanagement. Start meeting your data sharing policy by default.


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