Working alongside owner/operators of major estates, Majenta is seeing an increased demand for the adoption of asset maintenance standard SFG20. Standardising maintenance schedules, including planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks, and classifying assets correctly is critical for achieving an efficiently managed estate and estate owners are turning to SFG20 to help them achieve this objective.

However, in our experience, the challenge for estate owners often comes after the decision has already been made to adopt SFG20. The implementation and change management phase can introduce unforeseen challenges, such as:

  • A need to adapt a legacy of information from different formats to a new structure
  • Supporting the team through the changes to implement a new process of feeding back information from projects, refurbishments, and maintenance works
  • Ensuring reporting can meet existing needs as well as developing new processes of assessing quality and compliance

Through Majenta’s Digital Construction team, we are fortunate to work alongside many construction clients who manage complex built assets and who have benefited from our team’s guidance when it comes to both defining their asset information requirements and estate management processes.

We have seen first-hand how the digital construction and estates management sector is continuing to mature, and we appreciate the importance of having an end-to-end approach to maintaining the much-discussed golden thread of asset information.

If you’re looking for support with how to approach an SFG20 roll-out, we would encourage you to get in touch to see if our knowledge and experience could be of value.

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