When the 2016 deadline passed, many in the industry (despite BIM level 2 being a requirement of centrally funded projects) lacked practical BIM understanding, with some still asking ‘What is BIM?’ and reliant on support to codify BIM requirements. Following several successful BIM projects delivered together, Majenta and Willmott Dixon sat down to discuss how things have changed. You can access the full discussion below.

James Smith – Technical Director at Majenta Solutions 

Scott Pullar – Principal Consultant at Majenta Solutions
Gary Scott – Head of Digital Construction at Willmott Dixon London and South

BIM capabilities in construction have moved on since 2016, with a new kind of customer Majenta (leading BIM Information Manager) call the ‘Intelligent Client’ increasingly capable of extracting true business value from BIM to gain CapEx and OpEx efficiency. Majenta and Willmott Dixon have driven this kind of learning by having honest conversations at the outset of BIM projects.  

As Gary explains, he and Scott have learned which questions to ask to really drill down and ask ‘Okay, is this what you want? How are you going to use it? Okay, let’s make sure that we’re putting this in the right format for you.’” 

Scott adds “at the start of the Kingston University project Majenta sat down with the client team to talk over what they already had documents wise and see if we could develop on that with their ultimate deliverables in mind. We like to get involved at the outset so that even the client’s requirements are enhanced by Majenta’s industry experience.”

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Clients who continued to learn more about BIM best-practices, such as keeping the model up to date, are now gaining real efficiencies. “If you’re going to get a model and there’s a refurb two or three years later, that needs to be up to date, that needs to have the right assets,” says James. 

Gary adds that if customers are “going to spend money again re-surveying the building, that’s wasteful at the end of the day. If customers can reduce those costs and utilize the asset and see the value in the asset data they have it allows that money to be reallocated to creating a better building – putting in better standards of materials and things like that.”

Read the full discussion between Contractor and BIM Information Manager 

You can access the full discussion between Majenta and Willmott Dixon for free, including summaries of the campus build projects completed for two UK universities with Majenta’s BIM Information Management service, and commentary on the changing role of BIM from the 2016 mandate to the future.

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