Are you looking to align your business with BIM industry standards? BIM certification can help you promote your organisation and win more business. Operating at the heart of the BIM industry, Majenta can help you achieve this.

Majenta – Associate Consultancy Partner of the BSI

Working as BIM Information Managers across major construction schemes in the UK, Majenta’s consultancy team are well positioned to monitor the BIM maturity levels of project stakeholders on any given scheme. This includes clients, contractors, consultants, and the wider supply chain.

Why some organisations hesitate to invest in adopting BIM standards

What we often see is an extremely wide variation of skills and understanding of key BIM principles even on the same project. In our view this is completely to be expected, as for organisations that need to prioritise stability and profitability, making the transition into new ways of working is not always an easy decision.

This is particularly true when not wanting to overly disrupt a working business model with resources dedicated to ongoing project delivery. This can also make it difficult for decision makers to understand how to get started in adopting BIM standards, what the total investment might be, and to appraise the commercial opportunities that could be gained through investment in BIM capability.

How Majenta can help with a structured investment in BIM adoption

Majenta is part of the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) Accredited Consultancy Partnership (ACP), which means we have access to a bank of knowledge and resources to help assist organisations wishing to make a structured and fully planned investment in BIM adoption. This also means that we can help your organisation no matter whether you are a client, contractor, consultant or building product manufacturer, and no matter what your existing BIM maturity level.

If your goal is to achieve a BSI Certification or Kitemark then our team can work with your organisation to meet the assessment criteria. Or if you wish to transition your existing working practices in line with industry standards including ISO 19650, then we can work with you throughout the whole process to help you fully understand what’s involved.

BIM and digital construction is here to stay, and our aim is to help you capitalise on the associated benefits and opportunities it provides. Majenta’s team brings first-hand practical project experience into our business transformation engagements and we want our customers to benefit from our experience and a best-practice approach to deploying BIM.

If you are considering BIM certification, or how to adopt or utilise BIM in your organisation, and would be interested to discuss how Majenta’s team could help, please contact us.

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